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Travis Hawkins a Terp! - Update

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Here is the video of Hawkins committing to Maryland.  Interesting to hear that Maryland first offered him a scholarship a few years ago (his Sophomore year) as a running back and now he's being recruited as a CB...pretty amazing that he made that transition in just under 2 years.  I think he could still play the RB position if he wanted to, but from what I've heard, he wants to play defense.


Travis Hawkins Announcement from Seth Hoffman on Vimeo.

Hawkins held a noon time press conference in which he announced that he'll be attending the University of Maryland.  This is a HUGE recruit for the Terps, especially since they were competing with Penn State, Michigan and other big schools for Travis' services.

In Basketball news, I was able to talk with Keith Cavanugh, writer for the Terrapin Times, today about Jin Soo Kim.  He wasn't too optimistic....I'll have more on that later.