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VT's QBs

In case you hadn't heard somehow, both Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon - VT's two top QBs - got hurt during the VT-FSU game on Sunday. Taylor had a left ankle sprain on the first quarter, and, somewhat ironically, Glennon also had a high ankle sprain later in the game. Cory Holt, a seldom-used fifth year senior, took their place, and actually played pretty well.

After taking some tests on Sunday, it's been determined that they are "questionable" for the game against Maryland on Nov. 6. Both will wear boots the next couple of days and not practice.

My guess is that at least one of them goes. They have an extra few games to rest - one of them will get healthy in time. If not, don't be so happy. Holt looks legit to me, and it might make the team overlook Tech. Plus, we all know how we do against third-string QBs...