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Decision on Kim by end of the week

A decision on Jin Soo Kim is expected to be handed down by the NCAA Clearinghouse by the end of the week. From reports I've read, including Patrick Stevens' account from the Washington Times, the Clearinghouse is expected to hear Kim's case on Thursday.

New information I've learned is that if Kim isn't cleared, he'd then have to go to a Junior College and come back to Maryland if he ever wanted to play for the Terps. Kim is already enrolled in classes at Maryland so I don't know why the Clearinghouse wouldn't let him in. Gary says "He's one of the best shooters here right now" when talking about Kim. Not having Kim would be a huge loss for the Terps, especially because of Kim ability to score around the basket and because of Maryland's lack of front court depth.

ACC Pre-Season Picks

The fact that Vasquez isn't listed as a pre-season All-ACC player is a joke. There is no way you can name 5 people who are better then Vasquez in the ACC. I can name one, and that is the flop-o-matic, Tyler Hans-Girl. But other then him, Vasquez has to be the 2nd best player in the ACC. The fact that he isn't and that the Terps were picked 7th just shows you how little you should weigh what these so called sports writing "experts" think. Don't believe me? Then review the ACC pre-season football picks/rankings for this year. Yeah, that's Maryland at 5th in the Atlantic Division, ahead of only NC State. These clowns don't know what they're talking about. If they did, they probably wouldn't be writing for a paper and would instead be employed by a College or NFL team as a talent evaluator.

I think this quote from Gary Williams pretty much sums up how he and I both feel about these pre-season picks:

"What we've done the last 15 years, I always get a kick out of teams being picked ahead of us every year that we've beaten every year. Let's just play the games."

Couldn't agree more Gary.