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Terps Picked Seventh in the ACC

Sounds about right to me.

Even with a voting somewhat removed from the conference's geographic epicenter, the assembled media delivered a similar prognostication for the Terrapins: seventh, just ahead of Georgia Tech and N.C. State in the ACC's second division.

Even if it's not what most people expect out of Terrapin basketball, it's a rebuilding year. Well, it's actually a rebuilding year in something I'm calling the rebuilding octade. It'll take a few more years to get back to where we need to be, but they'll get there...eventually.

Most groups had been picking UMD around 10th to 12th, which is way too low for this team. Greivis Vasquez for all the mistakes he makes, would never let the team go that low. The backcourt is too good to fall that far. Sure, the frontcourt is abominable, but that can only count for so much...right? I mean, look at Villanova the past few years. Remember when they ran 4-guard sets? Just saying, it can be done.

Hidden further in the same article is a great little tidbit on Jin Soo Kim, although slightly frightening.

Note - Williams said he expects freshman forward Jin Soo Kim's qualifying appeal to the NCAA to be heard Thursday. If Kim does not qualify, the only way he will be eligible ever to play at Maryland would be to become qualified at a junior college and later return.

"Hopefully we'll get good news because he can really shoot it," Williams said. "He's one of the best shooters here right now."

Now, now. Don't let the word of "appeal" throw you off - he's not in danger of not making it...I hope. I just doubt that the NCAA would turn down a bright, hard-working kid from Korea who's already in classes at Maryland, while kids at UCONN or Memphis epitomize the decline of the student-athlete.