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More Davin Meggett Awesomeness

Davin Meggett is so awesome. He's quickly becoming my favorite Terp. I really don't think Maryland will be in a terrible spot if Da'Rel ends up not playing - though I like him, Meggett is extremely capable to fill in his spot. Davinmeggetrain_medium

Here's a quote from Jeff Barker's blog at the Baltimore Sun:

Meggett is nothing if not confident. His remark after his 31-yard catch-and-run put the Terps in range for the winning field goal on Saturday: "I should have scored."

Sign me up for three and half more years of this kid.

Meggett really doesn't have any breakaway speed, so it's actually pretty outlandish to say he should've scored. I doubt he'll break too many long runs throughout his career. But he's definitely a hard worker, and a great power runner. He's a joy to watch, on top of it.