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Terps Rankings

I'm going to go against my colleague about MD now being ranked in both the AP and Coaches poll. I think Maryland has finally turned the corner in terms of getting up for lesser opponents. I think the loss to UVA finally hit the this team, especially the seniors on the roster. I think the team finally realized "hey, we can go to the ACC Championship game." And I think cracking the Top 25 for the first time in a while sends a message to this team that says "hey, we're a good team."

Hopefully this will help the team realize that they can go and win out.

I also think it's important to realize that this is important for the football program as a whole. Floating just outside of the top 25 doesn't generate as much interest as one that is even ranked as low as 25. Hopefully the Terps will be able to stay in the top 25 by beating Virginia Tech next week. I know we seem to say this weekly, but this will be a huge test for the Terps this week. Hopefully they'll come through and show they deserve to ranked.