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Maryland 27, NCST 24

Close one! This wasn't a pretty game at all, but it was enticing. Let me first say that although UMD should've stomped NCST into the ground - they impressed me a little, if only because they didn't lose to an unranked team.

Some initial reactions: Davin Meggett is incredible. I still can't believe his only offers were from Howard and James Madison. After Scott went out, I was expecting the running game to be abonded - Megget had a few huge runs carrying people. He may officially be my favorite Terp. Don't forget about Scott's performance though - after a string of subpar games, he came up huge today,

The defense, however, failed to impress me. NCST doesn't exactly have a prolific offense, but the defense really couldn't stop them. And it's pretty clear the loss of Kevin Barnes hurt. The defense is looking pretty weak right now with all the players hurt: Adrien Moten and Dave Philistin are also hurting after the loss of KB. If they get healthy, the tide may turn, but that's a big if.

Two record-related notes: take a look at the standings.

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 3-1 .750 6-1 .857
Maryland 3-1 .750 6-2 .750
Boston College 2-2 .500 5-2 .714
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Virginia 3-1 .750 5-3 .625
Georgia Tech 3-2 .600 6-2 .750
North Carolina 2-2 .500 6-2 .750

Florida State and Maryland tied atop the Atlantic, and atop the Coastal is...Virginia? Holy crap! That loss isn't as embarrasing - though I wouldn't call it not a bad one. How cool would a title game rematch be? In other news - the Terps are officially bowl-eligible!

Detailed analysis coming tomorrow.