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Various FB Recruiting News

Not a lot of news today on the football or basketball fronts, but there was some news regarding recruiting.

First off, it appears Tavon Austin has crossed UMD off his list. That's disappointing - he's one of the most prolific rushers in Maryland high school history. He was player of the year last year, and likely this year as well. Don't get too down in the dumps, though - he was never a really good chances, and there are some major question marks surrounding him. He's only 5-9 and 156 - that's too small to be a major college running back. I know some people may think that you can overcome it, but that's a huge size differential - it'll really hurt. Worse, his 40 is subpar, at least for someone his size. He lacks breakaway speed, meaning he just has to get by on his quicks. I don't expect him to be a Slaton-esque running back. He's down to Michigan, West Virginia, and North Carolina. I'm pulling for the maize and blue.

Next on the list, the Terps did make the cut for Isaac Holmes, a DE from Hoboken (yes, I'm aware it says G at that link - that's doubtful at best). Scout has the interview:

Although he still denies a leader, Holmes said he now favors Maryland, Florida and No. 17 Pittsburgh solidly over No. 3 Penn State and No. 4 Oklahoma.

"Maryland, Pittsburgh and Florida get in touch with me the most," Holmes said. "They are the ones that seem to be trying to get to know me the most. They always ask about me and my family and it isn't just about football with them."

Lastly, and pehaps most importantly, Jelani Jenkins will be at the game tomorrow! It's not an official visit, he's just attending, but make sure give him some love if you see him.