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Terps of the Future

At last Friday's Midnight Madness, several Terps basketball targets were in attendance, taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the event started by Lefty Drissell back in 1970. Hopefully this year's madness had much more excitement than the first Midnight Madness did, when MD's players simply ran around the football field as car headlights illuminated the field. 

Hopefully some of the Terps in attendance will be heading back to Maryland in 2010 as freshman participants in the event. Among those in attendance were:

Isaiah Epps - a 4 star PG who said he "can see himself" at Maryland. Epps would be a great fit for the Terps in 2010, as both Vasquez and Hayes will be gone, so Epps could get a lot of quality minutes from the start.  Epps has a great jump shot, can nail 3's and is good at penetrating in the lane.  I think he'd need to bulk up some once he got on campus and also work on his decision making when he's running the point, but he'd be a great fit for the Terps.

Taran Buie - a 4 star SG who can also "see himself" as a Terp. Buie is apparently very high on the Terps, so hopefully he'll be part of what could be a fantastic 2010 class. Buie is a great shooter off the dribble, can run the point when needed, and is great and finishing around the glass.  He's also said to have a great jump shot as well. He's be another great guard to rotate in with Bowie, Mosley, and Tucker if he were to play for the Terps. 

Roscoe Smith - a 5 star small forward who should have Terps fans drooling. Smith is rated as one of the top overall prospects for the class of 2010. Most importantly, he's from Baltimore so getting him to College Park would be a huge deal for Gary and the boys, who've missed out on recent Baltimore talent such as Carmello Anthony and Kevin Durrant. Smith has been pretty high on Maryland, attending 2 Terps games last year, as well as last year's Midnight Madness. Hopefully the recent flow of Baltimore players to College Park (Dupree, Gregory, and Mosley) will help land Smith. Hope and pray Gary and the boys can land this kid.

As was mentioned in a few earlier posts, the Terps have already landed some great front court talent for the 2009 class in Jordan Williams and James Padgett . Hopefully the good luck will continue in to the future for the Terps.