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Antwine Perez at Linebacker?

With the revelation that Adrian Moten will be out for the next few weeks, Antwine Perez appears to be headed to linebacker. I like the idea, even if it has it's downfalls.

Perez is extremely talented, a former five-star safety who orginally committed to USC, and will almost certainly be starting at safety next year. Right now, though, senior Terrell Skinner has earned his spot and then some. He's been one of the best players on the entire defense, and deserves his spot. So you're left with Perez, very talented but with no position.

The injury to Moten opened up a new linebacker spot. Perez will step into not the starting spot, but he'll backup Moises Fokou on the other side, simply to add depth. I expect him to see a decent amount of playing time, at least against Virginia. Cosh needs to figure out if he can be relied upon to cover a safety. Unfortunately, Perez weighs in at around 210 pounds. All three UVA tight ends are 250+ pounds. Wake Forest's tight ends are slightly smaller, but still average around 235. So if the Terps are to put Perez on a tight end, he'll have an uphill battle.