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Halftime Impressions

So far, so good. The defense is holding up well, and though they're not dominating, they're playinig well enough for me to be confident that they won't lose this game for us.

The offense is actually doing very well, except for Da'Rel Scott. I believe it's four fumbles so far? You just can't do that. He's got to play smarter and hold onto the ball, or else give it to Davin Meggett.

One thing I've noticed is how hard they're trying to give the ball to DHB. Iit's something that hadn't been done enough in the past few games - you don't see Florida ignoring Percy Harvin, Missouri ignoring Jeremy Maclin, Texas Tech ignoring Michael Crabtree, etc. DHB's a game-changer, and I'm glad to see James Franklin calling plays his way. He can score on any play.

It was also great to see Obi hitting two field goals, especially the long one at the end of the half. Looks like he's hitting his stride.

I won't say I'm confident, because anything can happen. But the team has certainly played well so far.

BTW, this'll serve as the second half open thread. Someone post in it besides me, please.