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Sam Swank Questionable

Whoo boy, this is'd be a pretty big boon for Maryland. Sam Swank, Wake Forest's all-ACC punter/kicker, is questionable for the game Saturday. Swank is a great kicker and punter, and if the game comes down to special teams...well, I won't say Maryland has an advantage, but they'll at least be equal.

If Swank can't go, he'll be replaced by Shane Popham, who actually faired decently against Clemson. Four of his five punts landed inside the 20, and he hit two field goals. If Swank does go, he'll at least be hampered by his strained right quadricept.

The game really does have a chance to come down to field position or special teams. Both of these teams are pretty good - withholding the Virginia aberration (at least, I hope it was an aberration) - and the score should be close. Keep close tabs on Swank; his health could determine the game.