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Meet Jin Soo Kim

Our friend at the Recruiting Report blog of the Baltimore Sun, Matt Bracken, recently sat down with Jin and got some quality quotes. I won't post them all there, as I don't want to clicksteal - is that a verb? I just made it up - from his blog. But here's some of the things that were most interesting to me:

  • Favorite pro basketball player: Ray Allen, Tayshaun Prince
  • Favorite thing about College Park: “I have made many good friends here ... and most importantly, I love the basketball team, because the coaches are great and my teammates treat me very well.”
  • How is your shoulder? “My shoulder is a lot better than before. I actually think I can play this year.” 
That's only three of quite of few; I urge you to check out the rest.The most important thing is the shoulder - if he can end up getting some playing time this year, I'll be ecstatic. I expected him to redshirt, and still do to an extent, but I'd love for him to get some court time if he's not redshirted. If he's only going a few scrub minutes (see: Milbourne, Landon), I'd still prefer the redshirt, but quality minutes would be a reason for him to play.