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Midnight Madness News

Well, it's not really Midnight Madness anymore, but I think it's a travesty, so I'm still going to call it Midnight Madness. What now, Yow?

Anyway, take a look at a recent blog post from Making the Dance:

??Jordan Williams (09)
Tobias Harris (10) conflicting reports at UConn and Maryland 10/17 weekend
Taran Buie (10)
Isaiah Epps (10)

This is a list of recruits currently scheduled to attend Midnight Madness. I'd be ecstatic if Williams attends - he's down to just St. John's and Maryland, so Midnight Madness might be the perfect time for him to announce his intention to play at the University of Maryland. I'm not getting my hopes up very high on Harris, but Buie and Epps (pay link) are real possibilities. I'll keep everybody up-to-date on this.