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OT: Tommy Bowden Fired

This news would be huge. Clemson, according to "sources" that Mark Schlabach at ESPN have talked to, just fired Tommy Bowden. Clemson started out 3-3 this year, including a loss to your Marlyand Terrapins. Dabo Swinney, the wide receivers coach, was named interim head coach. Bowden's never really been popular at Clemson, but I still didn't think they'd go out and fire him after a 3-3 start. I don't think his past record deserved it either; he's 72-45 overall, which is pretty good in college football.

This is why I think it's post-worthy. If Bowden, who's led Clemson to moderate success recently, gets fired for a mediocre start, why doesn't Maryland have the same standards? Friedgen, outside of the 9-4 year, really hasn't led the Terps to success the past few years, and yet there's still a lot alumni and various people around the program who defend him and want him to stay until he says he's gone. Now, I'm not saying this is grounds to fire Friedgen right now, or that he should be fired right now. In fact, I think firing a coach during the season is a terrible idea. I'm just saying that there's a precedent now. If the Terps don't impress the rest of the year, Debbie Yow should take a long, hard look at Fridge.