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Games to Watch

Terp news has been incredibly slow this week. It's a football bye, so Fridge hasn't really given any useful info. Basketball likely won't see an influx of news for a few more weeks. But there's a lot of good football on today. Here's what I'll be watching, and what you should be too.

Oklahoma vs. Texas - 12:00, ABC - #5 vs. #1. This game is already one of the best rivalries in football, and that it may decide the national championship makes it a must-watch. You need to see it.

Tennessee at Georgia - 3:30, CBS - After you watch the epic Sooners/Longhorns game, check out Phillip Fulmer trying desperately to save his job against seeking-to-rebound Georgia. Probably won't be a great game, but it's worth it to check in.

Oklahoma State vs. Missouri - 8:00, ESPN2 - A game involving two ranked teams - #17 and #3 - is almost always must-watch football. When you throw in Jeremy Maclin and Chase Daniel, it's just icing on the cake.

LSU vs. Florida - 8:00, CBS - LSU checks in the top 25 at #4, led by a strong defense and running game. Florida is at #11, due mostly to a disappointing loss to Ole Miss. These teams are two of the best in the nation, and this game is traditionally close. I expect this to come down to the wire.

No, no Penn State vs. Wisconsin. Too much else going on at the same time to add in another channel.