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Terrapins Insider Expands on Terrance Ross


Well, that's a lot of information. Basically a must read at this point. Lots of good info and quotes from Ross. Doesn't sound too shoe-affiliated, nor academic-affiliated. Let's say a lot more stuff makes sense right now. I'll have a post tonight connecting the dots, which are numerous. Possible all-nighter for me.

Rivals' Top Classes: Maryland at #7


Still behind UNC, NCSt, and Wake, but that would change fast if one of the Big Six committed. As it stands, it's impossible to not be happy with that. Also, MaxPreps had Maryland at #9 before the Parker commit.

Rivals150 Updated: Ross Drops to #43


Same drill as the ESPN one: prospect rank, and up or down: #5 - Tobias Harris (up) #13 - Terrence Jones (up) #14 - CJ Leslie (up) #31 - Roscoe Smith (down) #43 - Terrence Ross (down) #45 - Justin Coleman (down) #53 - Mychal Parker (up) #56 - Damontre Harris (up) #99 - James Johnson (down) #109 - Alex Kirk (down) #122 - Terrell Stoglin (up) #146 - Jon Graham (down) We've already rehashed Terrence Ross' drop, but I still don't like it. Stoglin's fall also surprised me. Parker's rise was a bit unexpected, as well.

MaxPreps' 2010 Basketball Top 100 Filled With Surprises


Ok, first, a disclaimer: MaxPreps is...well, I don't really know. They're not really a recruiting site, per se, so this isn't like Rivals or Scout or ESPN. Anyway, there were a couple of big time surprises. The first one, and the most important one, is Terrell Stoglin at #44. Obviously a huge bump from the previous 70s and 80s rankings he'd been getting, but MaxPreps has always loved him. Terrence Ross landed at 30, which to me is a little low, but he didn't play any AAU, which probably makes up for a good 10-15 spots. Other than that, Terrence Jones was at #12, which seems a little high, and Tobias Harris was at #21, which seems a little low. Roscoe Smith was at #26, but he only played in one AAU tournament, so he might suffer from TRoss syndrome. Mychal Parker was at 63, which was lower than I expected, Alex Kirk was at 74, and James Johnson was at 95.

Terp Targets See Jump in Scout's Rankings


Scout has now updated their rankings for the 2010 year, and a few Terp targets are waaay up there. The biggest jump was for Will Barton, who went from high four star guy to can't miss stud - Barton is now the #1 SG in the nation, and the #10 player overall. Roscoe Smith is #17 overall, Tobias Harris is #31, and Mychal Parker is #32. Terp commit Terrance Ross is #68, which, if you talk to knowledgeable basketball people, is way too low for someone of his caliber.

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