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Terrence Jones Cuts List, Maryland Doesn't Make It


One of the top power forwards in the country trimmed his list on Sunday.

Examining the 2010 Basketball Recruiting Domino Effect


Two very important evens occurred today for Maryland's 2010 basketball recruiting efforts. Neither of them actually involved a player Maryland is recruiting. Wondering how? Simple: the domino...

Gary Visits With Tobias Harris Today


Gary Williams and Maryland will make an important visit tonight.

Here is [Terrence] Jones’ schedule of in-home visits: ... Sept. 23 – Maryland


Here is [Terrence] Jones’ schedule of in-home visits: ... Sept. 23 – Maryland

Via Zags. September will be a huge month for visits. Maryland is still a serious contender for a lot of big names, and a lot of those big names will welcome Gary into their homes this month.

Maryland Minute 8.30.09 - Tobias Harris Visit Update, The Strategic Plan For Blah Blah Blah


Lots and lots of Tobias Harris. Lots of basketball news all-around, actually.

Maryland Minute 8.24.09 - More Freshmen News, New BB Target, Tobias Harris


Looks like quite a few freshmen will see playing time, Maryland found a new basketball target, Tobias Harris has his schedule, and more.

Mychal Parker Fallout: What Happens Now?


Wondering how Mychal Parker's commit affects the rest of Maryland's class?

Rivals150 Updated: Ross Drops to #43


Same drill as the ESPN one: prospect rank, and up or down: #5 - Tobias Harris (up) #13 - Terrence Jones (up) #14 - CJ Leslie (up) #31 - Roscoe Smith (down) #43 - Terrence Ross (down) #45 - Justin Coleman (down) #53 - Mychal Parker (up) #56 - Damontre Harris (up) #99 - James Johnson (down) #109 - Alex Kirk (down) #122 - Terrell Stoglin (up) #146 - Jon Graham (down) We've already rehashed Terrence Ross' drop, but I still don't like it. Stoglin's fall also surprised me. Parker's rise was a bit unexpected, as well.

Maryland Minute 8.12.09 - Permanent Captains, Dion Armstrong, Terps Still Lead for Parker


Could Maryland be instituting permanent captains? How's Mychal Parker doing? And what about Dion Armstong? Answers, and more, inside.

Maryland Minute 8.9.09 - Football Practice Kicks Off Tomorrow, Nike Global Games


Two previews for Maryland football, plus some basketball recruiting news.

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