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Rivals' Top Classes: Maryland at #7


Still behind UNC, NCSt, and Wake, but that would change fast if one of the Big Six committed. As it stands, it's impossible to not be happy with that. Also, MaxPreps had Maryland at #9 before the Parker commit.

Maryland Minute 8.20.09 - More on Parker, Football Mock Scrimmage Notes


High Praise for ParkerStuff that's good to hear from Tony Squire, Parker's AAU coach: "I’ll say this lightly, because I don’t get caught up in prose when kids are in high school because I believe...

Mychal Parker Fallout: What Happens Now?


Wondering how Mychal Parker's commit affects the rest of Maryland's class?

Mychal Parker Commits, Is a Terp


Maryland landed a big commit today. Rejoice, all!

Rivals150 Updated: Ross Drops to #43


Same drill as the ESPN one: prospect rank, and up or down: #5 - Tobias Harris (up) #13 - Terrence Jones (up) #14 - CJ Leslie (up) #31 - Roscoe Smith (down) #43 - Terrence Ross (down) #45 - Justin Coleman (down) #53 - Mychal Parker (up) #56 - Damontre Harris (up) #99 - James Johnson (down) #109 - Alex Kirk (down) #122 - Terrell Stoglin (up) #146 - Jon Graham (down) We've already rehashed Terrence Ross' drop, but I still don't like it. Stoglin's fall also surprised me. Parker's rise was a bit unexpected, as well.

Maryland Minute 8.12.09 - Permanent Captains, Dion Armstrong, Terps Still Lead for Parker


Could Maryland be instituting permanent captains? How's Mychal Parker doing? And what about Dion Armstong? Answers, and more, inside.

Terps Still Lead for Parker


It appears that nothing's changed since a few weeks ago, when Mychal Parker said the Terps led for his services after the elite camp. He says that his list is, in order, Maryland, Virginia, Miami, and Kentucky. If UVA is our biggest competition, I feel pretty confident.

Maryland Minute 6.22.09 - Officially Wrapping Up the NBPA Top 100 Camp


Matt Bracken Recaps the Top 100 CampNo, we're not done with the NBPA camp, and Matt Bracken talked with camp director Tim McCormick to wrap the event up. One specific topic: Justin Coleman. "...

Maryland Minute 6.21.09 - NBPA Roundup, Roscoe Transferring


Also inside: Nermin Delic's name is explained, and you get to hear Jay Bilas with a sinus infection. Fun!

Maryland Minute 6.17.09 - Fans Don't Like Vasquez, Greenberg to USC?


There are still Greivis haters, believe it or not. In other news, could Seth Greenberg be headed to LA?

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