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Arizona Inks Top 100 Small Forward - No Room for Lance


I've been saying it, and I'll keep saying it - Lance played games, and now even if he doesn't like the options he has, they're what he has. Now that Arizona is out of room (Lance wouldn't go there with Parrom there anyway), and Memphis doesn't seem to be of interest to Lance, I honestly think he'll have to choose between Maryland and SJU. I still like our odds in that situation. -via Good 'n' Plenty

Arizona Wants Lance?


There hasn't been a response on the other side yet, but from the article it sounds like there will be. I'm starting to give up again. It's just become a circus. Honestly, I'm not even sure I really care if he comes or not anymore. -via...sigh....Zags

Zags: All Signs Point to Lance to Kansas


I can't advise anyone to take this article seriously. Some of the stuff he concludes is just ridiculous. But, because Zags has been the definitive Lance Stephenson recruiting expert, I have to link it. Warning: This article is nearly Prisbellian.

Lance Moves Decision Date Up a Day


He's moved it up to March 31, instead of April 1. He'll announce at 11:45 during the media session. If I had to bet, my money is still on the Terps. When you add everything up, Maryland just seems the best place for him.

Terps Still Going Hard After Lance Stephenson


And when I say really hard, I mean really hard. Gary & Co. will be in Brooklyn "four or five" more times in the next 21 days. Gary's really betting the house on this guy.

Most Tantalizing Teaser Ever


"After a visit to the University of Maryland this past weekend, Lance Stephenson may be playing basketball next season in the Atlantic Coast Conference." I may just have to get a Rivals subscription.

A Question to Eric Prisbell and the Washington Post


How, exactly, does the recruitment of a 5-star prospect (perhaps the best in the nation) "reek of desperation"? You guys are actually recruiting someone good...how desperate. Are Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA so desperate that they have to recruit the #1 SF in the nation, per Scout? I get that he has some off-court issues, but that doesn't mean this is desperation.

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