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Sixers-Cavs Trade Analysis

Was it worth Cleveland to trade for Spencer Hawes? And what did Sam Hinkie really get in return?

Sixers Lose Thrilling, Never Ending Contest


It took the Sixers and Cavaliers twenty plus innings and the game didn't finish until the wee hours of the morning....sorry, wrong sport.

Sixers 97, Cavs 87: Charlie's Thoughts


The Sixers played the Cavs tonight. The majority of you didn't watch but fortunately for you, Charlie from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" tuned in. His thoughts...


Sixers @ Cavs GameThread, Speezy Vision

In a highly anticipated match-up against former 76er legend Marreese Speights and the Cleveland Caveliers.... oh screw it please just lose, Sixers.

Uncle Drew


“What these young bloods have to understand, that this game has always been and will always be about buckets.” – // Latest illustration featuring your very own (and probably my favorite PG in the L right now) Kyrie Irving. // As always, comments are appreciate and you can find more here.

Uncle Jrue: Sixers 86, Cavaliers 79


Superb backcourt play led the Sixers over Cleveland in a game that wasn't a looker but had a great personality.

Sixers vs. Cavaliers Game Thread: Thunderdome

Hop over to tell us what you think of the showdown between Kyrie Irving and Jrue Holiday. Or the Eagles. Or a very exciting day of auto racing. Or anything really. But mostly basketball.

Sixers vs. Cavs Preview: River's On Fire


Come and watch some of the NBA's most exciting young guards, as well as some of the NBA's most idiotic hairdos.

Cleveland Cavaliers Focused On Future Extend Alonzo Gee


Out of all the Cleveland sports teams, you have to be impressed with what the Cavaliers are cooking up for their future. Starting with young star Kyrie Irving they are putting a pretty solid team around him that should be seriously competing in the playoffs about two years from now.


POLL: Who Would Win? Kentucky Wildcats versus Charlotte Bobcats

The question was posed by: That last Kentucky team probably could have beat last years Bobcats they really were that bad, and Kentucky really was that good by HeuristicLineup on Jul 7, 2012 9:47...

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