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Fun With Finances: Terps' Athletic Department Debt Exceeds $83 Million, Has Lost Reserve Funds

Yes, Maryland is very nearly $100 million in debt.

Penn State apparently no longer has an athletic department.

We must have started listening to Pitt and cut everything so we could play them. In all seriousness, I wonder why we were left off.

The MAC mentality strikes again

Brian Kelly accused Mike Thomas and his department of having a MAC mentality almost from the day of his hiring. Most of the stories behind the scenes have tended to back that up. But just in case...

Mike Thomas's Way Forward

One of the more frustrating aspects of the constant attention that is being paid to the process of conference realignment and the nearly endless potential outcomes of the event is that UC seems to...

Check it out, even in the Big XII our Athletic Dept MAKES money

This is pretty unusual actually. A lot of major universities lose money on their athletic programs.

The UConn Athletic Department would like you to attend Sunday's women's basketball game.

At least that is the feeling one gets after reading the department's latest communique to students, which IMPLORES ALL STUDENTS TO ATTEND SUNDAY'S GAME! The e-mail, which you can find after the...

Maryland Athletic Department Undergoing Budget Cuts: Football Loses $301k, Basketball $137k

Maryland's athletic department is seeing budget cuts. So what's it all mean?

Economy hits college ADs

For the money-generating machine that is the Texas Athletic Department, this is much less of an issue, but it's concerning how the economy is affecting schools around the country. The arms race to pay coaches higher and have bigger and brighter stadiums seems to have taken its toll on everyone but the most financially successful programs.


Straitpinkie.com’s Guy Smiley goes behind the scenes of UK’s athletic department with Associate AD DeWayne Peevy. Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the University of Kentucky’s athletic and media relation departments at: http://www.straitpinkie.com/sports/cats/a-look-inside-uk-basketball/

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