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2010 Class Ranked 21st


Jeff Barker is reporting that the Terps will have the 21st ranked class, which is 6th best in the ACC. Imagine if we still had you know who in this class; we probably would have been in the high teens. Gary Williams also says they're still shopping around that last scholarship, but they're not going to just give it to someone just because. Barker doesn't say who's ranking this is, but I thought it was still worth posting. This is a sloooow time for Terps news.

Selby Might Not Be On His Way After All


$$ story from Scout, but the headline ("No Unofficial Visit for Selby") coupled with all the talk about it basically tells you what you need to know: he ain't comin'. Blast.

Friendly Reminder: Pe'Shon on ESPNU Tonight at 9


Watch everyone's favorite apostrophe-nated PG, Master Pe', as he and his Oak Hill Warriors take on St. Patrick's. Should be a blast.

Terrence Ross Tells All


Wow. Pretty revealing interview. I do not feel confident. He doesn't seem interested at Maryland much at all anymore. Definitely loving the attention.

Alan Stein Predicts Pe'Shon Howard as ACC Rookie of the Year in 2010-11


Lightly translated, for those that don't speak Twitterese: "[To Nolan Smith] Thanks Nolan! Yeah, Pe'Shon is puttin' in work. He will be the ACC Freshman of the Year next year. Bet on it." Well then. Oh, and if you've never seen Stein in action, I wouldn't bet against him. Not only is he one of the best in the business, he is also an expert at making angry speeches.

Terrapins Insider Expands on Terrance Ross


Well, that's a lot of information. Basically a must read at this point. Lots of good info and quotes from Ross. Doesn't sound too shoe-affiliated, nor academic-affiliated. Let's say a lot more stuff makes sense right now. I'll have a post tonight connecting the dots, which are numerous. Possible all-nighter for me.

C.J. Leslie Likely Waiting Until Spring


It'll be interesting to see how hard Maryland presses if Tobias Harris goes elsewhere. It seems that Leslie's taken a backseat recently to Harris recently, but if he's waiting until spring there will be plenty of time to come back.

Excellent News: C.J. Leslie Was a No-Show for Kentucky's Midnight Madness


I've said it before: I really think Maryland could be in C.J.'s top two or three schools. Not going to Big Blue Madness is a very, very good thing for the Terps, especially because it sounds like Tobias had a good time at it. Now it's time to get him on campus.

Rivals Re-Ranks Basketball Recruiting Classes: Terps fall to #10


Slowly but surely falling: if Maryland gets Tobias Harris or C.J. Leslie, the class is probably top 4. If they whiff on both, it's probably Jon Graham or Ashton Pankey, which would mean we'd probably see only a slight boost; maybe #8?

Kentucky "Insider" Says Leslie Committing to UK After Midnight Madness


I knew the name change would do us in. I'm not buying this, but I wouldn't sell it just yet.It's not at all difficult to believe. The only thing giving me hope is the fact that Leslie has been looking like a spring decision all along, but if any school could get him to commit before the spring, it'd be Kentucky. Tobias Harris is shaping up to look more and more like a must-get.

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