Via Brendan on Twitter, a great shot of Bobby Ruse's perfect facial hair.

Terps used in Maryland Uniform


Ever since Maryland switched to the "Terrafont" and pushed the "Maryland" brand and Maryland Pride movement, we've seen very little, if any, of the "Terps" branding on uniforms. We've seen it on lacrosse helmets but last night, to the best of my knowledge, was the first time "Terps" have appeared on a Maryland uniform in a while. Personally, I love to see Terps used more widely. It is widely recognized and associated with Maryland, resonates well with fans, and is unique across all of college sports. What do you think? Do you want to see more Terps usage? Have you seen it on any other Maryland uniform lately?

Wallace Loh and Martin O'Malley take a commencement selfie


BEHOLD, two of the most powerful men in the state of Maryland taking the world's blurriest, most off-center selfie at Maryland's commencement (via

Offerings to Testudo are getting a little crazy

Via via, the offerings to Testudo are getting a little weird this year. Each semester, during finals week, there is a College Park tradition of presenting offerings to the Testudo statue outside McKeldin. Testudo actually caught on fire this fall as a result of those offerings. This semester, it appears things are getting a little crazy. Testudo now appears to have his own living room set, toilet, and a smokestack.

Spirit Airlines pokes fun at FSU, Crab legs


Hilarious promo going on by Spirit Air right now. "Chop $10 off Flight and Vacation Packages. Steal a getaway. Snag a flight for less than a bag of crabs...just make sure you pay for it :-)." Spirit might not be your favorite airline, but they're certainly good at taking advantage of current events.

Maryland Pep Band rockin' Maryland Pride jerseys


Check out the Maryland Pride jerseys the Maryland Pep Band is rocking tonight at the Elite Eight game. Well done, Maryland Pep Band.

Maryland Softball joins the Maryland Pride Uniform movement


via @TerpsSoftball & Maryland Athletics Check out the new Terps' softball Maryland Pride uniforms! Those shin guards = $$!

Here it is: our 2014 Maryland Pride gear!! Helmets, catcher gear, and batting gloves all to debut this weekend!

— Maryland Softball (@TerpsSoftball) February 27, 2014

Testudo sports a sweet new shell


TURNT. It's about time Testudo has joined the Maryland Pride movement. H/T Twitter user @LiveByTheSward.

HS student Lebron meeting MJ


bet you can't guess who the guy in between them is....

Photo: Maryland has sweet baseball uniforms


This is from pitcher Brady Kirkpatrick's Twitter feed, and they look REAL sweet.

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