Matching B1G schools to ACC schools. Who would you rather face going forward?

To continue the string of thread on the eve of moving to the B1G, I thought I’d look at the teams that we’ll face in each league and try to pair them with an equivalent in the other. Then I decided which team I’d rather face going forward.

I can’t say there was much method to my pairings and decision, but I did limit myself to consideration of the revenue sports (since I don’t really know how the B1G teams stack up in non-rev). The pairings were mostly from the gut, based on my entirely subjective views of the school. For the decisions, I was looking primarily at which team I’d want to face going forward, but I also looked at history of the programs (and especially history with Maryland).

I didn’t include Louisville because we’ll never face them as ACC foes, and I didn’t include ND because it’s not a full member (and it would have screwed up the numbers).


Both are the big fish in the conference ponds in football, but OSU takes the nod because it’s also a basketball powerhouse.

  • MSU Clem

Both pretty good in football, but MSU has a clear advantage in basketball. I thought about matching Clemson with Michigan and UNC with MSU, but I think Michigan and UNC belong together. Either way, I’d take UNC over both teams and I’d take either team over Clemson (so 1-1 either way).

  • Mich UNC

Both are premier academic institutions and both have storied basketball programs. It feels like UNC should be good at football, but Michigan definitely has the advantage there. Still, UNC basketball is in a league of its own, and I can’t force myself to take a B1G team over the Heels. Hopefully they’ll come and join us in the B1G one day.

  • PSU VT

This one seemed pretty easy. Both in neighboring states, both with lopsided W-L records over us in football, and both with also-ran basketball programs. I’m excited to get a chance against PSU, and I think we’ll definitely surprise them every now and then to restart a fun rivalry. Already the first B1G team I actively dislike.

  • Wisc UVA

Both schools are good at both sports, but Wisconsin takes the edge in both. I don’t think Wisconsin will really be a rival, but I never really liked UVA as a rival either.

  • Iowa NCSt

Both schools have decent, but not elite programs in both sports. NCSt always seemed like the least cool kid at the popular table (i.e. the Carolina table) in the ACC. Iowa seems maybe the same (you don’t get more Midwest than Iowa, but the Hawkeyes are never the first B1G team you think of). I chose Iowa because never pick State.

  • Ind Duke

Basketball powerhouses with anemic football programs. I’m excited to play the Hoosiers, but Duke is Duke.

  • Minn Cuse

It was hard to match the Orange because there just aren’t that many B1G schools that are tilted towards basketball over football (and I already matched Indiana and Duke). I gave Cuse the nod over Minnesota because we at least have some NCAA history with them.

  • Neb Miami

The historic football powerhouses that are now just pretty good. Miami gets the nod because their basketball is better and because you can’t beat a road trip to Miami.

  • NWU Pitt

Both are one-sport private schools, but I gave Pitt the nod because basketball still reigns over football at Maryland and because Pitt basketball is better than Northwestern football.

  • Ill GT

Both are schools that are ok in both sports, and I generally like both schools, but both elicit a "meh" from me in terms of competition. I went with Illinois because it’s closer to where I live.

  • Purd Wake

Getting to the also-rans here, but I always admired how Wake was able to occasionally rise to the top despite the athletic odds being stacked against them.

  • Rut BC

Neither one moves the needle for me, but I chose Rutgers because I’m hoping they might be able to improve enough to be a real rival for us. We had some decent football games against them when they were good 10 or so years ago.

Overall, that’s 7-6 B1G. A lot closer than I thought it’d be. What do you think are the best cross-conference equivalents? Which conference has the edge?

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