Recuit Update: MKC Review

Earlier tonight my father and I went to the Mary Kline Classic were our four american-based recruits were scheduled to play. Unfortunately, only two showed up, but I'll get to that later. The Mary Kline Classic is hosted by Alex Kline, a well known recruiting analyst, in an effort to raise money for cancer research. This year (year 4 of the event) Alex was able to raise $31,000; pretty awesome if you ask me. And now for my take on our committed players as well as a couple of names that we've seen on the recruiting trail.

To start: Dion Wiley and Trayvon Reed were scheduled to play in this event but never made it (along with a few others who were replaced by some local players). Why? Beats me. No reason was given nor were their names announced.

Melo Trimble: To start, let me say that this was an All-Star game and on top of that I only watched the first half of the senior game (it was painful to watch), so take all of this with a grain of salt. Melo seemed poised, confident, and smooth in his game. He went 2-4 in the first half with a three and a floater in the lane. Got to the lane with ease and made the smart and creative passes. Definitely solid on the ball, I'm feeling confident with him as our point for the next couple years. Also won the 3-point contest beating out Peyton Prichard in the final with 15 out of a possible 18 points.

Jared Nickens: Well, where to start. He also took part in the 3-point contest and made 2 of 15 attempts and came in last place, so that's a start. A stringbean in every sense of the word, Kyle Tarp needs to get him on the Alex Len diet when he arrives on campus Monday. His offense in the game reflected his three point shooting, very poor. Went 0-4 in the first half with 2 turnovers. Now what he did do was play defense. He was guarding Brandon Francios (AA headed to Florida) and did a good job of it. Stayed in front of him and didn't give him a good shot despite it being an All-Star game. Put some muscle on him and he can be a very solid defender in the B1G.

Now for some recruits who participated in the underclassmen game:

Bryant Crawford: Out of Gonzaga Prep, I'm fairly sure we are on this kid. A 6'2 PG, he's a great, if not sneaky athlete. Hit two 3's early on and while not the best PG on the floor, he played a solid game and threw down a rim-rattling dunk out of nowhere in transition in the second half. With some work he could definitely be a good back-up to Melo and has the quickness to keep up with other PG's we'll see in the B1G.

Derrick Jones: I'm not sure if we are still recruiting this kid, or still on his list for that matter, but this kid is a pogo-stick athlete. Hit a couple of 3's and more than a fair share of high flying dunks. He was his team's MVP as he finished with 31 points and came in second in the dunk contest to Unique McClean (sp?). He's a rail too but the kid can play.

Donovan Mitchell: Three words: SIGN.HIM.UP. Mitchell is an absolute baller: he can shoot the three with ease (made 3 or 4), drive the lane on anybody, and can dish out assists as well as any guard in high school. On top of that, he's an elite athlete and might have been the quickest player on the court. He's also got some broad shoulders and a frame that came support a good amount of muscle. I really hope Turgeon & Co. put the full court press on Mitchell because he'll definitely be at least a 4 star if not a 5 star when his HS career is over.

Jamal Murray: We're not recruiting him but he supposedly is the next Tyler Ennis to come out of Canada and I just wanted to say he's as good as advertised. He'll end up at some blue blood like Mich St., Kentucky, or Syracuse most likely but this kid won't be in college very long once he gets there. Not as smart as Ennis yet but is bigger and more athletic at this point and has a sweet shooting stroke.

I think that's all I got for now, if you know of any recruits who played and want to hear more about them, just leave a comment and I'll try to give you an answer. Hope you guys enjoy, Go Terps!

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