Turtle Talk Tallies: Comments and recs report from the week of April 21

Andy Lyons

Jake Nazar, HughGR, ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe, & Andrew Emmer take home the commenting awards this week.

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend! Anyone happen to go to Maryland Day on Saturday? We missed it this year because we had an event to go to with our dog but was wondering how it was compared to other years. If you went and wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts about it, feel free to use this thread. Anyway, here is this week's installment of Turtle Talk Tallies.

Here are some general stats for the week:

Total Comments were down 25% and Total Recs were down 8% from last week.

SpinningGamera's Total Recs were up 1800% from last week and his rec to comment ratio was up 1600%.

Total Comments - 1014

Commenter Total # of Comments
Jake Nazar 57
curterp 46
DJ Carver 42
bball purist 27
nonstopjoe 27
HughGR 26
Maryland1206 26
Mike S. 24
Pete Volk 24
jelo77 23
RJ Bents 23
tmagterp 23
testudbro 21
englandumd 20
NeonParkTerp 19
Go Maryland 19
Scaletta 18
Andrew Emmer 17
NYCSportsFan 17
MHoopsJr. 15
Big Squeezy 14
Todd Carton 13
asianterp 12
chitsweire 11
longerthanu 11
rvandegrift 10
dirtycrabcakes 10
MClub 9
nmcvicker03 9
zschmook 9
reborn579 9
ThreeTerp 9
ExreeHippsters 9
El Person 9
john.chacko 8
Yanik Mguaua 8
cdmterp 8
SpinningGamera 8
CA_Terps_Fan 8
discuit 8
space_ 8
KHemer 7
Dave Tucker 7
SiliconValleyTerp 7
ckstevenson 7
Terpific 7
umcp96 7
primetimeMitch 6
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 6
Imissterrellstokes 6
Zol 6
Delmarterp 6
LeftCoastTerp 6
lojoMD 6
Ethan.K 6
jarem 6
AtlanticVerde 6
mryan77 6
retlag 6
Andrew A Kramer 5
PurpleNurple19 5
vaterp9 5
Tom GM 5

Total Recs - 773

Commenter Total # of Recs
HughGR 64
Andrew Emmer 38
SpinningGamera 36
Mike S. 34
testudbro 29
tmagterp 29
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 27
Dave Tucker 25
curterp 20
englandumd 19
retlag 19
Big Squeezy 17
DJ Carver 16
rvandegrift 16
MHoopsJr. 15
cSq 14
jelo77 14
Pete Volk 14
RJ Bents 14
J-Pro 12
LeftCoastTerp 12
Terpific 11
john.chacko 10
Maryland1206 10
NYCSportsFan 10
reborn579 10
El Person 9
Imissterrellstokes 9
longerthanu 9
NAmstrong 9
nonstopjoe 9
Scaletta 9
AtlanticVerde 8
nmcvicker03 8
PurpleNurple19 8
dirtycrabcakes 7
Terptown16 7
Todd Carton 7
The GIF Oracle 6
ThreeTerp 6
Tom GM 6
Zol 6
CA_Terps_Fan 5
chitsweire 5
ckstevenson 5
primetimeMitch 5

Rec to Comment Ratio

Commenter Total # of Recs Total # of Comments Recs per Comment
J-Pro 12 1 12.00
cSq 14 2 7.00
Terptown16 7 1 7.00
The GIF Oracle 6 1 6.00
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 27 6 4.50
SpinningGamera 36 8 4.50
Dave Tucker 25 7 3.57
retlag 19 6 3.17
HughGR 64 26 2.46
NAmstrong 9 4 2.25
Andrew Emmer 38 17 2.24
FunkyTerp 2 1 2.00
KonartistNupe 2 1 2.00
LeftCoastTerp 12 6 2.00
PAB522 4 2 2.00
The Wizard of Paz 2 1 2.00
PurpleNurple19 8 5 1.60
rvandegrift 16 10 1.60
Terpific 11 7 1.57
Imissterrellstokes 9 6 1.50
terp4life2002 3 2 1.50
Mike S. 34 24 1.42
testudbro 29 21 1.38
AtlanticVerde 8 6 1.33
tmagterp 29 23 1.26
john.chacko 10 8 1.25
Big Squeezy 17 14 1.21
Tom GM 6 5 1.20
reborn579 10 9 1.11

Top Rec'd Comments

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
15 Andrew Emmer Passive aggressive coach:
14 HughGR congrats to Shaq landing at a major program....
13 rvandegrift Tons of us on this board bash Turgeon
13 SpinningGamera [no title]
12 J-Pro Why it's not a travel? That's simple
11 Dave Tucker All I can think of...
11 retlag A Kentucky education.
10 ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe And about three full flights of stairs above ESPN3.
10 Mike S. Other words that should also be capitalized:
10 HughGR He cut his hair....which was disappointing in its own right
9 tmagterp I saw this and thought it was SO clever....
9 Dave Tucker I can't believe they got him for DBO
9 HughGR Have I ever mentioned....
9 tmagterp I appreciate the compliment!
9 SpinningGamera ruh roh...
8 HughGR jake has to realize at some point.....
8 PurpleNurple19 Hook 'em Shaq!
8 MHoopsJr. Both UNM and U of I were the best schools on his brothers' lists
8 Terpific He was a Sophomore...
8 LeftCoastTerp With these acronyms flying around
8 cSq Dodd on fouling non stop
8 testudbro McKennie's highlight tape is pretty impressive.
7 SpinningGamera [no title]
7 john.chacko Best of luck to Shaq
7 AtlanticVerde [no title]
7 Terptown16 Turgeon, Ranson, and Clark went for an in-home with Stone according to Ermann
7 NAmstrong This is what SG gets for posting insightful and well thought out comments
7 Imissterrellstokes Let's not forget
7 tmagterp Terps apparently saw Ahmad last night....
7 retlag Doubt if the NBA is going to be too high on him either.
7 englandumd are they on the same team? Is there more than one team in the Canary Island? Are there two, do they just play each other over and over?
7 nmcvicker03 this guy...
6 Big Squeezy Gotta be honest, I was skeptical of his impact at the beginning of the season
6 englandumd recs champ thank you thank you.
6 El Person [no title]
6 Zol As my teenager would say, The NBA is dumb
6 ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe I believe a DBO's main job functions, aside from directing basketball operations, are
6 cSq Oh Sparty
6 Mike S. "My stance on recreational drugs will not change though."
6 ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe I would gladly donate my username to Jake,
6 The GIF Oracle [no title]
5 Pete Volk A present for you guys, from our friends at LGHL
5 dirtycrabcakes Did not meet
5 ckstevenson There are pills for that.
5 SpinningGamera [no title]
5 Scaletta He will get lit up by NBA players.
5 DJ Carver In an ideal world, he won't see the floor much
5 HughGR And the GOT completely off topic
5 jelo77 Best of wishes to Shaq for success at Texas.
5 primetimeMitch High School Story about Dodd
5 testudbro Anything is difficult to comprehend full without firsthand knowledge, but if anyone cares about widening their knowledge about scouting offensive linemen, I'll tell you what is important to look for in game film.
5 curterp This is classy!
5 Dave Tucker Pretty much this
5 testudbro My credentials are very unimpressive.
5 Andrew Emmer He could, I guess, like disappear? Spontaneous combust like a Spinal Tap drummer?
5 longerthanu Varun can play
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