Athletic Department Yard Sale Thread (Stories, Deals, and More)

Someone mentioned the other day that they wished they could be back in the area for this and I wanted to start a thread for those that attended today to share the deals/finds/slam dunk items that they found. Please know that the intention of this thread isn't for me or others to brag about the great stuff that was purchased (which, I'm not going to lie, I got great stuff) but rather to help those out-of-staters, etc. have a vicarious moment. Please feel free to drop a story, or dump some pics on here of some neat things you scored.

Let me start by saying I worked early/late 3 days this week to make up for leaving early from work today. This was my first yard sale and I was really excited about going. I actually got to Comcast around 2:05ish and saw a few people coming out with boxes full of stuff. When I walked up to Heritage Hall there was a handful of people already in the sale and learned that they allowed Comcast/athletic department employees in for first dibs at 1PM today. I stood patiently with the other 5-10 people in line at the entrance. There was a Juan Dixon sighting while I was in line. He was walking around the sale with his son talking to the staff members. The security guys working the door were your typical TerpHosts that have been working basketball games for years. If you are a basketball game regular, I'm sure you would recognize them (super nice!). They informed us that the athletic dept. people had specifically told them not to let any TC members in until 3PM. However, around 2:25ish the guard lobbied for us and said that we could go in as long as we didn't run.

When I entered the room, I froze. Having never done this before, I didn't have a gameplan and didn't know where to start to optimize my trip. Also, the wall of UA shoes was overwhelming:


Anyway, at the end of the day I made out really well. I spent a little more than I had hoped ($280), but made out with tons for myself and others, including 3 pairs of shoes ($35 ea.), ~12 pairs of shorts and ~10 shirts (stocking up for gifts), couple jerseys, socks and my biggest bargain of the day this $15 super warm down winter football jacket:


It seemed like by the time I left, which was around 3:30 or so, things had really been picked through. There was a good amount of people in the room and still more waiting in the hallway because the room was at max fire code capacity.

Let me tell you though, definitely don't be discouraged if you are or know someone that is 2XL or larger or shoe size 12 or larger. I would def. make the trip there tomorrow!!! They had tons of stuff and the big guys in the room had the luxury of just leisurely taking their time to look through things. To give you an idea of what the room looked like at 3:30, here are a couple of pics:



Anyway, please share your stories or pics below, as I'm sure others would love to hear/see them.

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