Turtle Talk Tallies: Comments and recs report from the week of April 14

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Nazar, englandumd, csq, & Todd Carton take home the commenting awards this week.

Happy Tuesday all! Sorry about the delay on publishing the commenting stats for last week, but the holiday was crazy. Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you enjoy the beautiful weather we have ahead of us. Anyway, here is this week's installment of Turtle Talk Tallies.

Here are some general stats for the week:

Total Comments were down 62% and Total Recs were down 77% from last week.

SpinningGamera's Total Recs were down 99% from last week and his rec to comment ratio was down 98%.

Total Comments - 1384

Commenter Total # of Comments
Jake Nazar 75
DJ Carver 64
RJ Bents 53
englandumd 51
testudbro 43
Lucky Horseshoe 41
curterp 40
Scaletta 30
Pete Volk 29
AtlanticVerde 28
Todd Carton 28
Terpific 25
Mike S. 25
asianterp 24
NeonParkTerp 24
jarem 21
Andrew A Kramer 20
HughGR 20
Snappin Terp 19
Maryland1206 19
CA_Terps_Fan 18
Yanik Mguaua 18
dirtycrabcakes 16
NAmstrong 16
tmagterp 16
jelo77 16
Go Maryland 15
Wise Guy 13
Andrew Emmer 13
ES46NE10 13
KHemer 12
PurpleNurple19 12
ExreeHippsters 12
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 11
rvandegrift 11
bball purist 10
chitsweire 9
terp4life2002 9
Hell in a shell 9
reborn579 9
space_ 9
Dave Tucker 9
Ethan.K 9
nonstopjoe 9
SpinningGamera 8
TerpsAught1 8
john.chacko 8
El Person 8
ThreeTerp 8
TerpfanMA 8
retlag 8
87 Rides A Surfboard 7
JustAJ 7
LeftCoastTerp 7
longerthanu 7
Brendan Darr 7
NattyBoAndOldBay 7
Delmarterp 6
NYCSportsFan 6
gregmfisher 6
Peter Putzel 6
BeeHo 5
ivan24 5
say_al 5
nmcvicker03 5
wmterp 5
MellophoneMathMajor 5

Total Recs - 837

Commenter Total # of Recs
englandumd 52
Andrew Emmer 47
DJ Carver 34
cSq 33
Terpific 32
testudbro 32
Todd Carton 26
Dave Tucker 25
Lucky Horseshoe 23
Scaletta 22
tmagterp 21
Brendan Darr 18
jarem 17
NattyBoAndOldBay 17
Pete Volk 17
jelo77 16
RJ Bents 16
HughGR 15
curterp 14
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 14
dirtycrabcakes 13
Kevin Garcia 13
reborn579 13
Jake Nazar 12
The GIF Oracle 11
say_al 10
Go Maryland 9
KStalz 9
Mike S. 8
nmcvicker03 8
Yanik Mguaua 8
bballgodfather 7
Ethan.K 7
ExreeHippsters 7
mdtoaz 7
RandyJuan 7
SanFranTerp 7
Wise Guy 7
AtlanticVerde 6
bball purist 6
longerthanu 6
PurpleNurple19 6
Terrapin13 6
87 Rides A Surfboard 5
asianterp 5
CurrentTerp3 5
gaywilliams 5
john.chacko 5
J-Pro 5

Rec to Comment Ratio

Commenter Total # of Recs Total # of Comments Recs per Comment
cSq 33 4 8.25
RandyJuan 7 1 7.00
CurrentTerp3 5 1 5.00
J-Pro 5 1 5.00
KStalz 9 2 4.50
Kevin Garcia 13 3 4.33
ccrun1800 4 1 4.00
The GIF Oracle 11 3 3.67
Andrew Emmer 47 13 3.62
bballgodfather 7 2 3.50
73TerpGrad 3 1 3.00
Jeffro78 3 1 3.00
Jimmy Landmesser, Jr. 3 1 3.00
John Stephens 3 1 3.00
Mr.DMV 3 1 3.00
Dave Tucker 25 9 2.78
Brendan Darr 18 7 2.57
NattyBoAndOldBay 17 7 2.43
SanFranTerp 7 3 2.33
say_al 10 5 2.00
Terrapin13 6 3 2.00
turgeon's army 2 1 2.00
mdtoaz 7 4 1.75
nmcvicker03 8 5 1.60
TerpFan88 3 2 1.50
reborn579 13 9 1.44
tERP01 4 3 1.33
tmagterp 21 16 1.31
Terpific 32 25 1.28
ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe 14 11 1.27
gaywilliams 5 4 1.25
englandumd 52 51 1.02

Top Rec'd Comments

22 Todd Carton Setting the scene for my favorite quote from last night's WBB Banquet
21 cSq Sure is David...sure is
16 NattyBoAndOldBay This really has evolved.
13 Andrew Emmer [no title]
12 cSq I got your back
12 Andrew Emmer Speaking of Maryland commits in all-star games: I've been officially credentialed to cover the Capital Classic on April 26th
12 jarem Ditto
12 Dave Tucker Seems like a good time...
11 ImFromMarylandAndNobodyCanBeatMe I hope this series ends with a Spencer Barks post.
11 tmagterp PC in the Sun today...
10 The GIF Oracle [no title]
10 say_al Thanks for the memories NICK
10 DJ Carver It's a public university
9 KStalz Um, in case you forgot
8 Dave Tucker It's true
8 Kevin Garcia Would they rather fight
8 Andrew Emmer You mean the one where you tried to argue that Juan and Kevin Ollie were comperable?
7 bballgodfather Turge better make the Tournament next year or he won't be doing any more recruiting for Maryland.
7 englandumd because freshman do make impacts on lots of teams.
7 SanFranTerp I can't believe you just spoiled this!
7 Terpific Here is a better question:
7 reborn579 [no title]
7 Lucky Horseshoe No
7 dirtycrabcakes Quitting
7 RandyJuan Speaking of Wiley....
6 englandumd the difference is your expectations for Turgeon and your belief that Gary underachieved are inconsistent beyond comprehension.
6 englandumd How do you know if someone has ready the books?
6 curterp Gary
6 Scaletta I want some gd football recruits.
6 Terrapin13 Found a gif that accurately describes how the basketball season went
6 Ethan.K Also not a bad position to be in if you're looking to become a head coach.
6 jelo77 Headlines out of Bloomington read
6 Terpific Can Maryland win out over Louisville?
6 HughGR I echo the "Please try to keep it respectful" sentiment stated above....
6 Jake Nazar Keep missing it
5 bball purist When some posters discussed this
5 Brendan Darr Oh we're making this argument in the face of the stats? Allow me...
5 englandumd just nonsense, freshman play meaningful minutes all the time, on nearly every team. Here's a list of ACC freshman who made more of a contribution that Roddy did.
5 Brendan Darr Okay, we'll go through this again. This is always fun. I can't wait for the "stats don't matter" argument that follows
5 testudbro And I apologize if it seemed like I was attacking you.
5 87 Rides A Surfboard Keep your crabcake and football hands off
5 Lucky Horseshoe yes it is ok to state your opinion
5 Andrew Emmer This.
5 testudbro Yeah, let's dismiss someone else's argument with a silly unrelated GIF. And I'll raise you not providing the "stats" I'm referring to.
5 englandumd no hard feelings at all, but one day, I'd like to know why he left, what his thought process was.
5 J-Pro Maybe they're just big country music fans
5 Yanik Mguaua for a 6'1" guard those rebound numbers are insane for 20 mins.
5 Andrew Emmer He's much more than a dunker
5 nmcvicker03 While I agree everyone should be reading it and watching it.
5 reborn579 [no title]
5 testudbro They're actual brothers? Like with a hard r?
5 CurrentTerp3 I'd like to know:
5 DJ Carver "coming aboard a sinking ship"

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