MM 4.16.14 - Lefty Driesell, Chris Weller, and Johnny Holiday are honored


The DC Sports Hall of Fame will induct Lefty Driesell, Chris Weller, and Johnny Holiday on April 27

Driesell, Kolzig, Lerner going into D.C. Sports Hall of Fame

Former men’s basketball coach Lefty Driesell, former women’s basketball coach Chris Weller, and longtime voice of the Terps Johnny Holliday will be part of the seven-person class inducted to the DC Sports Hall of Fame. [Pete]

Maryland or Rutgers: Which Big Ten Newcomer Has a Better Record in 2014? |

LOLZ. Can't believe this is actually a question. If Maryland finishes behind Rutgers in their first B1G season, something is very, very wrong. [Dave]

NCAA allows 'unlimited meals' (days after Shabazz Napier claimed hunger) -
Unlimited meals, new player safety rules and drug rules from the NCAA. [Pete]

John Tillman says Maryland men's lacrosse needs to match oponents' intensity in final weeks

The beginning and middle of this season look discouragingly similar to last season. Let's just hope this season doesn't end like last season too.

Dexter McDougle works out for Ravens; Raiders visit up next, source says

McDougle also has visits lined up with the New York Jets, New York Giants and Detroit Lions.

Maryland's Farrand values chance to lead

"It's my last go-round. I'd be happy to go out with a bowl game win, and I'd love to see Maryland in the first Rose Bowl in the first year in the Big Ten" -It's good to have goals!

ABC/ESPN selects B1G prime-time slate

Terps get left out of the ABC/ESPN primetime games, but a primetime game on the Big Ten Network is still a possibility.

What’s a college athlete worth?

A study by Drexel University and the National College Players Association calculated the fair market value of a player between the years 2011 through 2015 and came up with a figure of $178,000 for football players. The biggest stars, like Johnny Manziel, might be worth as much as $547,000 (from 2011-12). The biggest money, though, is in college basketball, where the fair-market value for a player over the same time frame is $375,000. [Dave]

Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III declare for NBA Draft - BT Powerhouse

More good news for Maryland -- Michigan's two top scorers are gone. [Pete]

Gary Harris Declares for NBA Draft - The Only Colors

One less problem to deal with in the Big Ten. [Pete]

A basketball practice facility: Is it coming any time soon? - On the Banks

Our friends at Rutgers may finally be building a practice facility? [Pete]

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