On Maryland and Penn State

I’m sure most of you read the thread on Adam McLean’s commitment to Penn State. There was trolling and counter-trolling as far as the eye could see from TTers and BSDers alike. The thread was, in a word, disastrous.

We can’t let this happen again.

I know what you’re going to say: You don’t want your opinions stifled. You don’t want anyone whitewashing the PSU scandal. You think those BSDers who came over here deserved everything they got.

Here’s my response: This is about us, not them. I'm obviously biased, but I think we’ve got a pretty great site here. A bit volatile at times, sure, but there is no shortage of good banter and insightful discussion. We come back every day because there is a strong sense of community and a shared passion for Maryland athletics.

We are joining the B1G, and Penn State is going to be a frequent topic of sports-related discussion. We need to stay above the fray. We can’t let every discussion about Penn State devolve into a rehashing of the scandal, and we can’t let it color our impressions of every single Penn State fan we come across. It’s not fair to those of us who want to discuss the articles without wading through a cesspool of toxic comments, and it’s not fair to the Penn State fans who want to engage us in thoughtful and respectful discussion.

As such, I ask that any Penn State-related discussions that arise during the normal course of news events stay strictly on topic. Any discussion of the scandal that is not germane to the story being covered will be removed as per the established site guidelines. I fully recognize that this policy will not be popular among many commenters, but I firmly believe that it is in the best interest of the TT community.

As always, please feel free to air your comments, questions, and concerns below.

Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted by an admin or moderator with the power to do so. The views of the above FanPost do not represent the beliefs of Testudo Times or Testudo Times' authors, nor are they the work of them.

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