Maryland - Texas game thread - NCAA Tournament round 2

Phil Fabrizio

By the end of the day Tuesday, 16 teams will remain in the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Will the Terps be one? Here's a game thread to sound off.

It's time for round two of the NCAA Tournament. Just as each round gets incrementally harder for the competing teams, so does writing these little intros to the game threads. And this is all Dave Tucker's fault because he's made me feel I have to meet a standard that just keeps rising. So this will be your game thread for Maryland's second round NCAA match up with the Texas Longhorns.

Once again, I wish that many of you reading this thread were at the game. I've written this elsewhere on the site and have no hesitation repeating myself. This is your last chance to see Alyssa Thomas live in a Maryland uniform at Comcast Center. Ten bucks. You can buy a ticket for ten bucks. And I think anyone who doesn't think it's worth ten dollars to see AT play simply doesn't appreciate great basketball. For those who didn't read it, I'll refer you to my review of Maryland's win over Army Sunday. Just skip down to the comments from Army Coach Dave Magarity.

What about the game against Texas? This will be very different from Sunday's tussle. Both teams have gotten over their nerves and, after listening to them in their pre game press conferences Monday, I expect this will be a battle. And I'd suggest you not turn the game off if one team jumps out to an early lead. Neither squad is about to give up.

Meanwhile, here at Testudo Times our goal is keeping our readers entertained and informed. Here's how we're doing it with regard to Maryland and Texas:

Here's how to watch and more from Ben "Love" Strack. (apologies to the B-52s)

I have a preview that I hope you find long on Horns and short on bull.

Just to stir things up a bit, read Brendan's story about Alyssa Thomas.

Want to know what might happen if the Terps win? You might have read this but what the hell, go ahead and read my regional preview again. (Of course I promote myself shamelessly. I can always use the page views.)

What do you think? Can the Terps take care of business tonight? Here's your chance to predict. Tell others what's going on. Or to discuss the awesomeness that is Alyssa Thomas.

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