After Mythbusters and Clemson game... this may be appropriate.

[wrote this last night... knowing I was most likely going to be enraged today]

I'm not the smartest person on this site. I'm not the most positive, reasonable or even politest. So this is strange and frightening territory for me. But what the hell happened to trying to show a little respect?

I curse. I bitch. I have a dry and extremely sarcastic sense of humor. I regularly have a fundamental difference of opinion with members and contributors. I purposefully restrain from getting involved in most arguments because I'm not the best at written debate, and I know if I get frustrated enough I'll turn into less than cordial, evil 'bohbay.

One of my favorite things about this site is the eclectic personalities and views of its members and contributors. They certainly won't always mesh, especially over the craziness of being a Maryland sports fan. And when they don't it sometimes provides some pretty spectacular fireworks. I don't want people to be censored or kicked off, and there are always going to be blog fights. There is nothing wrong about arguing. But two things I've observed occurring with more and more frequency; people taking a difference of opinion as a personal attack and overreactions to general statements. It's making more and more comment sections unbearable to read.

I feel both are easily fixed with just a little more self-moderating. You know the type of person you are. You know what bothers you. We all have a little evil 'bohbay inside us. It's time to get that shit under control.

If you're looking for my credibility, I have none. I will most likely offend someone very soon. But know that I am really trying not to.

Thank you contributors and members for making this the best site there is. Love my Maryland.


Sensitive and Sober 'bohbay

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