Maryland Minute: 3.11.14 - John Gilchrist regrets leaving Maryland early & Steve Francis storms the court

USA Today/SI

We learn about what drove John Gilchrist to go pro and why he regrets the decision, Steve Francis stormed the court with students, and updates from spring football practice.

John Gilchrist has a new perspective 10 years after starring in ACC tournament -
Ten years ago (ugh...that's depressing in and of itself, since I was there with Maryland's pep band and thus I now feel old), Gilchrist led Marland to their last ACC Tournament title. He returned for a rocky junior year and after gaining a lot of perspective from playing basketball overseas, regrets his decision to leave early. Fascinating read on a former Maryland great.

Steve Francis joins court-storm after Terps beat UVa. | Comcast SportsNet Washington
As if the Maryland Pride hat & socks and the Celtics Len Bias jersey weren't enough, Steve Francis also stormed the court with students after beating UVA.

Steve Francis on Maryland’s win
More Steve Francis awesomeness

Terps spring football practice report: Day 5
The highlights from day 5 of spring football practice

Morning review: From inside the crowd, the Terps celebrated — and sweated — after their upset win
Cool story about how Mark Turgeon stopped a student from being hurt when she was knocked over in her chair from the court storming.

Upset win over Virginia 'bittersweet' for Maryland Terrapins, fans - ESPN
Heather Dinich covering basketball? Heather Dinich covering basketball. She actually has some nice things to say about Maryland, too.

Layman, Terps enter ACC tourney on roll - The Sun Chronicle : Local Sports
Nice little write up on Jake Layman and the Terps as they head into the ACC Tournament.

Acrosse the Lacrosse Polls: March 10, 2014 - College Crosse
Still number one (although Loyola is snagging a pair of first place votes).

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett in Duke shirts
I'm a Ravens fans, but I know a lot of y'all out there are big Redskins fans, so I assume this will some how make you hate Duke/Dallas/Tony Romo even more than you previously did prior to learning he and Jason Garrett were Duke fans. And if you're a Dallas fan...well, I don't know what to say.

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