Maryland Recruiting: Talking Tyler Green

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland target Tyler Green of DeMatha has a lot of good to say about Maryland, but is keeping his options open in his recruiting process. He was in Maryland for their junior day, and should be taking more visits in the coming months.

Tyler Green stands at 6'3" and plays safety for DeMatha Catholic high school, making him yet another local talent the Maryland coaching staff would like to keep home.

Maryland has set their sights on the safety, and have made it known they would like him to stay close to home to play his college ball. "They're right around the corner so they come around and they're checking out my workouts and take a lot of visits" Green said of Maryland recruiting him.

Offensive coordinator Mike Locksley has been tabbed with recruiting Green, and has been in frequent contact with him whether it be through phone calls or other mediums. "They're just trying to talk to me and get to know me. They talk about me coming in and playing safety. They think I can make a big impact with my length and speed at safety" Green described the phone conversations.

Maryland has a safety similar to Green in style and size with Sean Davis. Green knows Davis very well, and they even train together. That is just the beginning of the relationships Green has on the team. He knows Stefon Diggs fairly well as well as Deon Long and Wes Brown. "I train with all of them and we all have a pretty good relationship. I saw Stefon when I visited him and we talked a bit."

Diggs and his Terps teammates have a motto for the squad, and it reads simple: "Keep the talent at home." Newly minted Terp Damian Prince has been ringing the same message according to Green, showing the locals on the team are serious about keeping players home.

The local allure of Maryland is big for Green, but he isn't too concerned with location, as long as the school isn't too far away from home.

"Location plays a little bit of a factor. I want my parents to be able to get to some games so when I choose a school, I want it to be within driving distance. Being close would be great, but it isn't a sticking point right this moment."

While location isn't the biggest issue for Green, he did say he couldn't imagine himself playing on the west coast at a school like Oregon so his parents can catch some games.

What is the biggest factor for Green when choosing a school? "Academics come first. I plan on spending four to five years at a school, so I have been doing some research on schools for architectural designing, which is what I plan to major in. I mean, I would love to play well enough for a chance at the NFL, but the reality is academics are the most important part. I am a football player, but I am also a student, and that has to factor into the decision" Green said of the importance of academics in his decision.

As of now, Green doesn't have a top-five list, but the schools that interest him the most are Maryland, Ohio State, Florida, Penn State, Florida State, Michigan State, and Michigan to name just a few. It will be some time before Green narrows his list down.

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