The 3pt shot vs. Every other shot

After watching another poor 3pt shooting game by the Terps I decided to look into whether or not it is worth our time to shoot the 3 as much as we do. It wasn't shocking to find out that we shoot way to many three pointers. As a team 34.2% of our shots are threes and 27.5% of our made field goals are threes. This seemed off to me so I decided to isolate our top 5 scorers/3pt shooters. The top 5 in no particular order are Dez wells, Seth Allen, Jake Layman, Evan Smotrycz and Nick faust. These five guys shoot a combined 36% from the 3pt line. OF their combined made shots 37.4% are 3pters. Of their combined FGA 44.2% are 3pt shots. When I took the three point shot out of the equation these 5 guys shot 47.7% from the field. Here is the break down of 3pt shooting by player:

Dez Wells 14/40 from three=35% 3pt shooter. He has 254FGA and 40 are 3pt attempts so 15.7% of his shots are 3's (by far the lowest of the top 5). He is 19/214 without threes so he is shooting 50.9% from inside the 3pt line.

Seth Allen- 31/78 from the 3pt line=39.7% 3pt shooter (best of the 5)/ He has 135 FGA and 78 3pt attempts= 57% of his shots are 3's. He is 24/57 without 3's so he is shooting 42.1% from inside the 3pt line (lowest of the 5). For a pg this is HORRIBLE.

Jake Layman- 49/127 from the 3pt line=38.5% 3pt shooter. He has 240 FGA and 127 are 3pt shots which means 52.9% of his fga are 3pt shots. He is 53/113 without the 3pt shot so he is shooting 46.9% inside the 3pt line.

Evan Smotrycz-45/121 from the 3pt line=37.1% 3pt shooter. He has 243 FGA and 121 of them are 3 balls so 49.79% of his shots are 3s. He is 53/122 without the three ball. This means that he is shooting 43.4% from inside the three point line...HORRIBLE.

Nick Faust-32/19 from the 3pt line=29.35% 3pt shooter (worst of the 5). He has 202 FGA and 109 3pt attempts so 53.9% of his shots are 3s. He is 47/93 from inside the 3pt line which is a respectable 50.53%.

Our shot selection seems to be geared toward the three ball. One reason may be that we aren't considerably more efficient from inside the line. Maybe Turge knew from the get go that we were absolutely horrible at making layups/mid range jumpers and decided to let us shoot it out.

I haven't looked at any other teams and their 3pt shooting so I dont know if the Terps are shooting to many or if they are average.

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