Maryland Minute - 8.13.13 - Will Curtis Malone's Arrest Impact Maryland or D.C. Assault?

Former head coach Gary Williams had a virtually non-existent relationship with D.C. Assault, most because of Curtis Malone. - Streeter Lecka

Will the news yesterday that D.C. power broker Curtis Malone was arrested on drug charges, the question on the minds of many Maryland fans was if and how this could impact the Terps and their revised relationship with one of the nation's most prominent AAU programs.

D.C. Assault GM says the arrest of AAU team's co-founder won't jeopardize its future -

Damon Handon, who has been with D.C. Assault since it was founded in 1993, said that while Curtis Malone has remained as president, "he has not been involved in the day-to-day operation of the program for about five years."

So sounds like Malone was kind of a figurehead for D.C. Assault. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Maryland decided to become more involved with the AAU program; they knew Malone wasn't really involved. I hear some chatter on twitter about Dalonte Hill potentially being a candidate to replace Malone as President of D.C. Assault. Even though Hill took a pay cut when coming to Maryland from Kansas State, I don't think he'd make anything close to what he currently makes at Maryland...

Not to say it isn't an impossible scenario, but I just don't think it's that likely. UPDATE: Alex Prewitt informed me that Hill's salary last year was actually $302,000:

Maybe people can now understand why Gary Williams wanted nothing to do with Malone while he was head coach. I'm not defending Gary's recruiting on the whole, especially during the 2005-2011 stretch, but it's a lot more understandable as to why he might have avoided D.C. Assault with a ten foot poll while Malone was in charge. And again, knowing that Malone was mostly out of the picture might be why Turgeon was willing to reach out to D.C. Assault shortly after his arrival.

Baltimore Sun - Shawn Petty's time at QB with Terps has helped him transition back to LB
Shawn Petty should be a better linebacker because he was a QB last year.

Terps freshman safety Milan Collins out for the year with ankle injury -
Maryland freshman safety Milan Collins will miss his entire freshman year with an ankle injury, according to the Terps' injury report released Monday. Collins was probably going to redshirt this season, so it shouldn't be a huge loss, but you still never want to see players get hurt.

College basketball 2013 Twitter State of the Union | One And One -

The ACC hasn’t rolled out the welcome mat for the Terps’ final season, and despite losing Alex Len, they won’t be a welcome sight to many

Sounds about right.

2013 Big Ten football preview meets 'How I Met Your Mother' |
Describing each B1G team using How I Met Your Mother references - brilliant. Maryland falls under the "Challenge Accepted!" category. Cool piece.

ESPN NCAAF Nothing lame on the field

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall dismissed any ramifications the decision to leave might have. "Anytime in this great country that there's change, regardless of if it's sports or whatever, people react kind of negatively at first," Edsall said. "Once all the things were laid out there as to why the move, why the president, AD and the board of regents decided to make this move to the Big Ten, how it was going to benefit the university in totality, not just athletically, then everybody said, 'Oh, now we understand it. Now we embrace it.'" It's hard to imagine that the hearts of Maryland fans are aflutter at the thought of playing Illinois, but we'll take Edsall at his word.

I'm pretty sure Edsall was referring to the Athletic Department buying in, not the totality of the Maryland fan base, so I think what the author is saying here is a little misleading. In case you couldn't tell, the entirety of the article discusses the lame duck seasons of various programs.

The Maryland Terps 2013 College Football Preview | Sports Chat Place
They think Maryland will compete for 3rd in the Atlantic. Seems like a fair assessment.

Good players on not so good football teams in 2013
Diggs was on a team that didn't do well last year, but I think he's on a good team this year...

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