Holding the Rope in NCAA 14: Part Two

Alright, you guys. Heading into the tougher part of the schedule with a 3-0 record ain't so bad. Here's how it fared.

Maryland beat West Virginia in a dramatic shootout, 50-47. WVU took a 34-14 halftime lead, but five second-half touchdowns from C.J. Brown completed the comeback victory. With 15 seconds left and the ball at the Terrapins' own 25 yard-line, Brown found Stefon Diggs in one-on-one coverage, hurling a last-second prayer that the receiver caught and took to the end zone for the winning score.

Brown won his second conference player of the week trophy of the year for his performance, in which he was 21-32 with five touchdowns in the air, and ran 13 times for 34 yards and a score. Diggs, for his part, caught six passes for 220 yards and three touchdowns.

The next week, things got a bit tricky, as Maryland traveled to Florida State and got walloped, 38-13. Brown struggled quite a bit, going 16/37 for 260 yards and a score (with two interceptions), and things didn't fare so well on the ground either - Brandon Ross ran 16 times for 51 yards.

Finally, Maryland put together another dramatic victory against rival Virginia, beating them 27-26. The Terps took a 17-9 lead into halftime, but two third quarter Cavalier touchdowns put the victory in jeopardy. Trailing by six with three minutes left, Dexter McDougle got a key interception in the end zone, allowing Brown and the Terps one last drive. Brown and Brandon Ross drove down the field, with the quarterback (returning early from an injury) lofting an eight-yard touchdown pass to Deon Long in the end zone with 40 seconds left. Long managed to hold on to the ball even while getting speared by a defender.

Here are the stats on the year, through six games:

C.J. Brown - 123/186 for 1895 yards with 15 touchdowns against ten interceptions. 79 rushes for 294 yards and four touchdowns.

Brandon Ross - 106 rushes for 443 yards and seven touchdowns. 19 receptions for 165 yards.

Albert Reid - 15 rushes for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

Stefon Diggs - 48 catches for 916 yards and nine touchdowns. 29 kick returns for 787 yards. 13 punt returns for 145 yards.

Deon Long - 20 catches for 306 yards and four touchdowns.

Nigel King - 13 catches for 215 yards.

Amba Etta - Seven receptions for 130 yards and one touchdown.

Cole Farrand - 35 tackles (ten for a loss), two sacks.

Sean Davis - 32 tackles.

Anthony Nixon - 31 tackles.

Dexter McDougle - 26 tackles, two interceptions.

Isaac Goins - two interceptions.

Quinton Jefferson - Seven sacks.

Marcus Whitfield - Five sacks.

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