So, am I the only one who has very little confidence about this year's FB team?

Frankly, I just don't know what to expect this coming year and could easily see us winning 3 games -- I could also see us winning 8. It's not that I don't think we have talent/positives heading into the season but there are just some major negatives we are also facing that to me are more convincing.

Here are the major issues as I see them:

1) We have no idea what we have a qb. CB may be good or then again he may not be. Last time we saw him he wasn't a great passer. I'd like to think he's improved but the proof is in the pudding. In addition, he's gotten hurt twice which makes me less than confident that behind an OL with questions he will be stay healthy all season.

2) RE has yet to prove himself. He may be a good coach but since he came to MD I haven't seen him out-coach an opposing team in the areas of tactics or preparation. I'd like to say that he is pretty solid as the job he did at UCONN is very impressive in my opinion but I haven't seen anything special yet.

3) The jury is still out on Locksley's coaching acumen. He's certainly a first rate recruiter but I'm waiting to see his teams do it on the field. While he's light years ahead of the guy from LSU, there have been precious few -- if any -- complete offensive performances by MD.

4) The OL is still a pretty big question mark.

5) Our kicking game is still unresolved. Close games are won with special teams and last year we had really, really bad special teams -- as kickers. We lost winnable games on makeable fg's, the punting was all over the place, even kickoffs were just ok. Unless we have somebody we can count on to make a 35 yard fg, we will be a disadvantage in close games.

6) We lack a number 1 running back.

7) We lost our best players on defense and it is unclear right now if we have a single difference maker on the defensive side of the ball. We probably do as many of the players have talent but who is the animal that other teams fear/need to account for?

Don't agree? Please feel free to convince me otherwise. I'm happy to be talked into the glass half full camp.

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