Maryland Minute - 7.1.13 - More Alex Len Coverage and It Looks Like Jalen Tabor Has a Top Two

365 days from now, Maryland will be an official member of the B1G. - Mike Stobe

More coverage on Alex Len being selected #5 overall by the Phoenix Suns, as well as Maryland's efforts to continue their stay home movement, as one prized local 2014 recruit, CB Jalen Tabor, apparently likes Maryland a lot. Oh and 365 days left in the ACC.

Let the countdown officially begin - 365 days left in the ACC. 1 year until Maryland is officially part of the B1G.

ESPN 300 CB Jalen Tabor has two on top - ESPN
It's an ESPN Insider piece, but Tabor has two teams at the top...I'll give you 3 guesses as to who one of them is...

InsideMDSports: 5-star center Thon Maker takes notice of Terps, Alex Len - Baltimore Sun
Thon Maker, 5-star Center for 2016, has taken notice of where Alex Len was drafted and how he developed at Maryland. Hope that is the gift that keeps on giving...

Alex Len Coverage:

Alex Len pick shows new Suns don't care about sizzle
Ugh. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of these articles. Some of the arguments people have about why Len shouldn't be drafted so high are ridiculous.

Alex Len says he can show immediate improvement in the NBA with the Suns, because ‘in college, the spacing sucks’ | ProBasketballTalk

“In the NBA, there’s better spacing,” Len said. “It makes it easier on the big guys because we have more space to work on the block. But I know I can contribute right away on the defensive end of the floor — I have size, I can alter shots, I can run the floor. And on offense, we’ll see what coach wants me to do.”

Interesting. Len says spacing in college "sucks." Says a few other interesting nuggets worth reading.

Taken fifth by the Phoenix Suns, Alex Len completes journey from Ukraine to NBA - The Washington Post
Alex Prewitt completes his Alex Len series with another awesome article.

Atlantic Coast Convos: Previewing Maryland Football - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Always interesting to get an outsiders perspective. Additionally, are you all interested in a TT podcast?

Maryland football teammates Watson, Canteen commit to Michigan | Detroit Free Press |
The downside of B1G? Opening up Maryland to other B1G schools.

Seth Allen - Instagram
Hey look, Seth Allen got a new tattoo. Looks like he's a Nats fan with that curly W.

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