2013 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship Field, Seeds, and Match-Ups.

Tonight on ESPNU at 9:00 PM they announced the field for the 2013 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship. The tournament kicks off next Saturday May 11. The Round of 16 will be held May 11-12. The Quarter-Finals will be held May 18-19 and then the Final Four and Championship Weekend will be Memorial Day Weekend, May 25. That Saturday will be the Semi Finals and then on Memorial Day, May 27th will be the Championship Game. Here are the official seeds for the tournament

1) Syracuse

2) Notre Dame

3) Ohio State

4) Denver

5) North Carolina

6) Maryland

7) Duke

8) Penn State

And the match-ups

1) Syracuse vs Bryant

2) Notre Dame vs Detroit

3) Ohio State vs Towson

4) Denver vs Albany

5) North Carolina vs Lehigh

6) Maryland vs Cornell

7) Duke vs Loyola

8) Penn State vs Yale

First thoughts: North Carolina as the 5 seed!? What!? This was the #1 team in the country, ACC Tournament Champ, red hot, very good RPI and wins, and they get a 5 seed? Wow. Second thought. Unbelievable match-ups. Towson is the CAA tournament champ and Ohio State is the ECAC champ. Good match-up. Albany has beaten Syracuse. Denver has beaten Loyola twice. Very good team. Lehigh is dangerous and them vs North Carolina is bound to be competitive. Duke vs Loyola? Wow. Tight game. Duke doesn't deserve a home game for me but you can't complain with that match-up. Loyola was pre-season #1. Then Penn State-Yale is also competitive and a good game that benefits from the odd decision of Penn State getting a home game despite losing to Towson this weekend.

Then you have our match-up. Maryland vs Cornell. For the majority of this season, they were #1 and #2. A motivated Rob Pannell could be the most dangerous thing in the tournament. This is a great match-up but it's dangerous for Maryland.

All seeds will host 1st round match-ups at home. The Quarterfinal/Second Round games will be held at College Park and Indianapolis. Maryland and Notre Dame are hosting. Games will be at Byrd and Lucas Oil. Championship weekend is at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Here is a link to the full bracket:

All match-ups are there, dates, times, and so forth. Maryland-Cornell is May 12 at 1:00 PM ET, on ESPNU.

Another link which lists TV. Games are on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and WatchESPN. Exact listings are here:

In short

Syracuse/Bryant: May 12, 7:30 PM, ESPNU

Notre Dame/Detroit: May 11, 5 PM, ESPNU

Ohio State/Towson: May 12, 3 PM, ESPNU

Denver/Albany: May 11, 7:30 PM, ESPNU

North Carolina/Lehigh: May 11, Noon, ESPN2

Maryland/Cornell: May 12, 1 PM, ESPN2

Duke/Loyola: May 12, 5:15 PM, ESPNU

Penn State/Yale: May 11, 2:30 PM, ESPNU

The winners of the Syracuse-Bryant and Penn State-Yale games will meet in the May 18 Byrd Stadium Quarterfinal, along with the winners of the Ohio State-Towson and Cornell-Maryland games. The winners of North Carolina-Lehigh and Denver-Albany, and Notre Dame-Detroit and Duke-Loyola will head to Lucas Oil Stadium on May 19.

It's shaping up to be a terrific tournament. Tons of great match-ups, and it looks like it'll be a thrilling next 3 weeks. On the Terp front, we have a tough match-up but a chance for two home games before Championship Weekend and we get hot during playoff time.

I can't wait, and I hope you tune in as well to cheer on our Terps and enjoy the whole tournament.

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