Maryland Football Recruiting.

As I often like to do, I was taking a check-up of the latest football recruiting rankings from 247 sports and had a keen interest in where the Terps stood. I figured it was easiest and best to look at the Maryland state rankings. I figured I'd give a bit of a lo down and where the Terps stand in regards to these recruits. FYI I am doing this by the composite ranking.

#1 Player - Damian Prince, 5 stars, OT, 6"6", 300 Ib, District Heights - Price is a top national prospect to go along with his ranking in the State. Ranked #15 in the country, he's a first team All-American, a true beast up front. He's been offered by every one from USC to Oklahoma to West Virginia to Alabama and on. This guy is top notch. That does not mean we are out of the running though. He has us among his 7 favorites which is Alabama, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech. All schools in the "warm" zone. This will be tough. We're going up against the best of the best. I think we have a chance but it'll be difficult. He's the real step Randy Edsall can make in improving this Maryland program and would be a home run recruit. It'll be difficult but don't rule it out

#2 Player - Sam Mustipher, 4 stars, OG, 6"4", 285 Ib - Consensus on Mustipher seems that he has a lot of upside. 247 has him ranked 118 in their composite rankings but unranked in their overall ranking. He doesn't have the big credentials like Prince but he seems to be a real solid player that could really grow. We're up against Michigan, North Carolina, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Once again all schools in the warm zone. This is a guy I feel we have a decent shot at. There are schools he could go to and get playing time and that's a worry (Notre Dame, Michigan, potentially OSU). I think we have a decent shot and I like our chances but it's tough.

#3 Player - Jessie Aniebonam, 4 stars, SDE, 6"4", 230 Ib - Aniebonam is kind of the opposite of Mustipher. He's ranked lower in the composite rankings than he is the overall ranking. There is definitely room for improvement in his game but it's yet to be seen if he will rise to another level or stay around where he is. Maryland is in a good spot with Aniebonam. His top schools are Maryland, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame. Maryland is currently in the "warmer" zone. At the moment we appear to be a slight favorite but this will be difficult. I think we can land him but there are big schools in there.

#4 Player - Troy Vincent, 4 stars, CB, 5"10", 192 Ib - Vincent seems to potentially be in the mold of a Will Likely. He's not that big, he's not rated terrific, he does though have a ton of upside. He's given 3 stars by 247's overall ranking and graded 88. The composite has him as a 4 with a 91. He seems a guy who really could grow and be another very talented young player in our Defensive Backfield. There are really only 3 schools with a chance for Vincent right now and that is Wisconsin, Pitt, and Maryland. Wisconsin is the slight favorite sitting in the "warmer" zone with Maryland and Pitt behind. With a coaching change at Wisconsin it will be interesting to see how it affects the process but this is a kind of guy Maryland should be after. A guy with potential, fiery, and room to grow. I like our chances with him.

#5 player - Demetrius Johnson, 4 stars, ATH, 6"2", 195 Ib - Johnson is an athlete. He's a Wide Receiver and Safety but overall is really an athlete. It's why he's tough to grade out. The overall ranking as him a 4 star as does the composite but he is significantly lower in the composite. He's a tough guy to grade but a guy who seems to have talent. He may not be a difference maker or have a lot of potential to grow but he does seem to be a really solid player and can be a good fit. There are 4 schools after him and that is Maryland, Hawaii, N.C. State, and Boston College. We are in the "warm" zone the rest "cool". This one to me seems a lock. It's going to be Maryland. I don't know, strange things can happen in recruiting but I really like our chances with this one.

#7 player - Melvin Keihn, 4 stars, WDE, 6"3", 225 Ib - Kiehn is closer to the low end of a four star than he is the high end. He seems to be a solid young guy who could grow and improve but if we're looking strictly at him now he's a better player than what Maryland has been recruiting and that's justification to make a push for him. He's definitely a player that could be a starter and potentially grow. Kiehn is solidly looking at 6 schools. Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Kiehn is the kind of guy if we made a serious push for him that we could land. I just don't know if we will. I see him winding up with VA Tech or UNC or maybe Notre Dame. Just not us.

#8 player - Brock Ruble, 4 stars, OT, 6"9", 302 Ib - Ruble is kind of like Kiehn. He's closer to the low end of a four but I see potential in Ruble. He's a big dude. Strong, physical, and just big. Ruble is a guy who has all the raw tools and abilities it's just about polishing his technique. I think Ruble really depends on if we land Prince or Mustipher. If we don't I see Ruble as a perfect alternative. Ruble holds some to minimal interest in Cal, UCONN, FSU, and N.C. State. I really think Ruble hinges on Prince and Mustipher. If Maryland doesn't land both or 1 of the 2 then they will go after Ruble and land him. If not, he's up for grabs.

#9 player - Marcus Allen, 4 stars, S, 6"1", 180 - Allen is weird. He's a firm, established 4 star player. Yet he very much is on the fringes of the being a top player. I think Allen is a guy who has a firm, solid skill set right now but it needs to be worked with and improved on. I think he can be a player who brings a lot to the table but he probably needs a lot of polishing as evidence seems to say. Allen is mainly looking at 5 schools. Maryland, Penn State, Pitt, N.C. State, and Rutgers. Maryland, Penn State, and Pitt are the 3 in the "warmer" zone. The thing with Allen is he has another side plot to his recruitment. Who we're up against. Penn State, Pitt, and maybe even Rutgers all are trying to heavily recruit the DMV area. As we move into the B1G it is crucial to keep these guys in house. Allen is a toss up. If Maryland wants him I think we can have a good shot but if we let him go? He's gone quickly.

Alright. That will wrap up this recap or rundown on some of the recruits in the state of Maryland and what our Terps are looking at to obtain for the 2014 season. Now off to bed!

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