Spring Practice #1 Report

Just to quell any suspicions: ALL ACLs HAVE REMAINED INTACT THUS FAR.

Everything I'll mention is from memory, so take it with a grain of salt.


  • The punting was suspect, which was a bit worrisome. There was about a 4:1 ratio bad punt/good punt. I'll blame the cold, wind, and being the first practice for now.

  • FGs looked good from about 45 yards out. But they always do against no defense. But it was a windy day so impressive kicks nonetheless.

  • Receiving punts were Stefon Diggs, Dexter McDougle, Will Likely, and Deon Long. That's as mouth-watering a position battle as you could imagine, especially in Long's case.

  • Speaking of Long, he seems to be matching the hype and then some. It looked like he JOGGED a 4.6. I was up in the mezzanine seats and I could still see how cut he is. And he looked taller than his listed 6'1, at least an inch taller.

  • There appeared to be good team chemistry and the guys were clearly excited to be back on the field, which was a promising sight.

  • Ricardo Young has a laser of an arm, throwing impressive 25-yard beelines. More on that in a bit.

  • It was nice to see CJB throwing again and really focusing on his footwork during dropbacks.

Individual Drills


  • CJB showed a nice display of leadership by playing RB for a play when RY was trying to run a ZR when the other RBs weren’t nearby. The two of them will be DANGEROUS in this offense.
  • The O-line displayed a lot more cohesion than last year. They were making a lot of pre-snap calls and run "blocked" pretty consistently and uniformly.
  • The tight ends had an off day. It was pretty evident that Daniel Adams is a converted WR, as he looked uncomfortable in blocking drills and in a 3-point stance. PJ Gallo was a bit sluggish and didn’t display the softest hands. Hopefully Andrew Issacs can make an impact sooner rather than later.


  • The D-line looked pretty solid overall. Quinton Jefferson and Keith Bowers looked especially agile and displayed quick hands in the drills. Both look to be pretty stout across the line.
  • Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil was the surprise for the LBs showing surprising athleticism and a great frame for a successful SAM. Abner Logan looked crisp in the drills too.
  • Will Likely was clearly the fastest and quickest DB on the field with possibly the best hands to boot.


  • RY made some really nice throws. Accuracy wasn’t always there, but the throws were always the proper velocity. Has some trouble staring down his receivers.
  • Despite the nice throws, Likely had a nice (and the only) INT when he literally jumped an out route.
  • Alex Twine looked better in pass coverage than he has in the past. He dropped into his zone faster, but maybe that’s due to knowing the drill was pass-only.

Full Team

  • Man, where to begin? RY looked good throwing on the run and completed a nice pass to Nigel King on a deep corner route.
  • He also completed some sweet deep balls to Long. One of which was over our shutdown corner, Jeremiah Johnson.
  • Luckily, JJ still lived up to his title by making some nice plays on the ball and few pass deflections.
  • The O-line thankfully were opening some nice holes for Brandon Ross and co. Even Joe Riddle had a couple nice runs.
  • The pass-rushers had a pretty good day too. YCV had a few "sacks" and a pass deflection.
  • Jefferson and Bowers looked stout against the run and brought some decent pressure.
  • Nate Clark had a nice hit (notice the lack of quotes) on Albert Reid and a pass deflection a few plays later which fired the defense up.
  • Practice ended with a goal line. Offense won the battle overall, but mostly scored on runs. RY was often quickly pressured when he dropped back and ended up soaring a few passes.

Sorry if this seem jumbled; I was basically writing down anything interesting I could remember. Feel free to ask about any particular player and I’ll probably be able to remember anything about him that I haven’t mentioned yet!

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