Its Coach Shopping Season: Who Could We Potentially Poach From The Fallout?

Its that time of the season, coaches get canned, some ply for new jobs (cough Gottfried) and some give coach speak about potential interest in leaving and there are others like Few, Stevens, Wright who are continually mentioned, but never leave. The coaching carousel and resulting fallout always leaves the opportunity to snag players who were once mentioned as possibilities for UMD and some who maybe weren't, but can see a need/fit for themselves now.

With the influx of combo guards (already on the roster and coming in- Melo Trimble) and with Roddy set to come in next year and hopefully Wiley as well, we look to be pretty set in the backcourt (for now--obviously Wiley is not a sure-thing and that could all change rapidly) our needs are pretty obvious at this juncture.


1.) I am hoping Roddy can come in and give us some valuable minutes at the 1, but there is still a huge need for a steady play-making PG

2.) Bigs! With Len leaving, we have Shaq and Porkchop (Mitchell) and Dodd coming in. Bigs are always a priority!

3.) We have depth at the wing, Layman, Smo is eligible next year, Faust and Dez can take minutes there are well. However, I feel to become an elite team (now and in the future), we need a dynamic wing player(s)--(fingers crossed on Dwyane Morgan) and knock-down shooters (fingers crossed on Wiley).

Feel free to add on as well!

All of this is completely hypothetical (obviously), but if some of the expected dominoes fall, if some of these guys were in play, would you want to consider any of them?

Tony Parker- (5-Star PF/C) from Georgia- With Howland already being canned, the word is Tony Parker will be transferring. I looked at his profile on Rivals and saw his final list was UCLA, Kansas, Georgia, G.Town, Memphis (Pastner might be leaving), Duke, Kentucky (no way that's an option any longer) UCONN and Ohio St. Before he trimmed his list, I thought UMD was in the picture for a bit? FWIW, he didn't look all that great this season.

Jaren Sina-4 Star PG (will be a frosh next season) from NJ, signed with N.Western, got out of his LOI and the chatter seems to be Seton Hall and Alabama. Had UMD on his initial list. He's not explosive, but he has great handles, a high Basketball IQ and can shoot and is a willing facilitator--basically everything our current PG's are not.

If Smart bolts for UCLA, VCU has two interesting younger players that are local:

Treveon Graham- Soph SG VCU, Rivals profile has nothing (zero stars), but he is a DC local and put up 15PPG, 6 Boards as a Soph.

Melvin Johnson- Frosh SG VCU- 4-star on Rivals, from the Bronx and averaged 7PPG as a Frosh, his rivals profile is about as mixed of a bag as you can get for a 4-star recruit, everyone from Towson, Charleston, Siena, to Xavier, Miami, Miss and Temple.

The next batch is ACC related and I know most schools will not let kids transfer within conference, but if any of these kids transferred, they would be eligible when UMD is no longer in the ACC.

Tyler Lewis Frosh PG NC State- I loved his game in HS and he reminds me a lot of Steve Blake and he certaingly had his moments this season. The kid is a pure PG. He went to Oak Hill (VA) but is from N. Carolina and even if Gottfried lucks into the UCLA gig, probably unlikely.

Julian Royal Soph PF G. Tech- 6-8 240 but doesn't play like it yet, but he has talent and showed it in bursts this year (albeit inconsistently).

Devin Thomas Frosh PF Wake Forest- This is my favorite, with Bzdelik seemingly on life-support at Wake, out of everyone on this list, this is my personal choice as being the most likely hypothetical coup; and the best player. Had initial interest in UMD--his sister plays on women's team (which has been well-chronicled). There are so many dots to connect here.

Arnaud Moto Frosh PF Wake Forest- lots of folks discussed him thru his recruitment, had some interest in UMD initially. From what I saw this year, he looks like a body (only), a foul prone kid who can't stay on the court because he is very slow of foot & very un-athletic and has no offensive game to speak of---how this kid was rated so highly is anyone's guess.

Codi Miller-McIntyre Frosh PG Wake Forest- Another NC kid who went to HS in VA. Codi looked like a player, maybe more of a combo guard then a true point though. Another former 4-star recruit who aside from Wake & NC State had interest in schools like Charlotte and Marshall.

These are just some examples, obviously its VERY early in the process and lots of dominoes have yet to fall. I am interested to hear your thoughts.

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