Seriously Maryland fans, we can't forget where this University was just a few years ago.

Maryland fans are passionate and intelligent, we know this, but man do we have a short-memory. I look over the past few years and just think ‘wow’. As I have read many of the threads and comments popping up over the past several days, there is one thing that strikes in a very strong way, we are being completely ignorant to the cultural deficits at College Park that are being overcome. While we can all have the argument as to whether it was ‘time’ for a change at UMD, there is no argument that our entire identity is different, and still unsettled.

What frustrates me the most is the dramatic negativity from many of the most vocal members of our fan base, and while it shouldn't surprise me, I think what we as fans need to remember is that the negativity turns people away during one of the most critical times for our athletic department in our generation. Yow absolutely obliterated our athletic program, and Maryland picked up Kevin Anderson to fix the damage. People that are trying to judge his success just a few years into a completely broken department are just being naïve. Let us consider what Kevin Anderson had to think about as an incoming AD:

  1. How do I deal with of one of the largest program deficits in the country?
  2. How do I replace one of the most iconic Basketball coaches in the world?
  3. What do I do about Ralph Friedgen, a coach who had a worthless half-a-decade, whose players appear to be out of control. Do I extend his contract? If I am not comfortable with a lame duck year, will he retire?
  4. What do I do with these towers in Byrd Stadium?
  5. Which student-athletes do I have to tell won’t have a sport at our school anymore?

Next we need to talk a little bit of timeline at the University of Maryland:

  • August 2010, Dan Mote retires after 12 years
  • September-October 2010, Nariman Favardin serves as acting president
  • September, 2010, Kevin Anderson appointed by Nariman Farvardin and Wallace Loh
  • November 2010, Wallace Loh becomes formal President
  • January 2 2011, Randy Edsall replaces Friedgen
  • May 2011. Mark Turgeon accepts UMD Offer.

So lets get this straight, we lost our president of 12 years, our basketball coach of 22 years, football coach of a decade, all within less than a year, and lest not forget the untouchable amount of debt.

I for one am grateful we are still having games that we can watch and enjoy; most of our losses have been frustrating, but not embarrassing. I for one care about one thing, a general trajectory of improvement. And we are continuing to see that, this administration has about 3 more years of patience from me, I get frustrated, but I understand what they are dealing with.

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