Maryland Minute 2.8.13: Mark Turgeon's halftime speech (and more football recruiting)

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Turgeon "needs men, not pouters," Maryland's a Signing Day winner, and N.C. State's not helping the Terps out.

Recap of the game, if you missed it, is here. Few basketball links, then a couple of football notes to clean up from the past few days.

Mark Turgeon's halftime speech
Well then.

"I said I need men, not pouters," Turgeon said. "I said guys that pout and feel sorry for themselves are going to watch the NCAA tournament. Teams that have men are going to be in it. And at some point we’ve got to grow up and be men." Turgeon continued: "They responded. Now, did we totally grow up tonight? I don’t know. But (it’s a) a step in the right direction."

I've been burnt enough to know already that, no, Maryland didn't totally grow up tonight, in a game they just barely squeaked by one of the ACC's worse teams. We thought they did against State, then against Wake, and neither was correct. Teams don't grow up in one game.

But Turgeon's ire is interesting - and well-placed. Sometimes teams need to hear that. Maybe he needed to let it fly a little earlier, even. A speech won't make them experienced, as yesterday's game showed - only time can do that - but it can do a lot of other things.

Layman torches Virginia Tech once again
Time to invest in a hypnotist to convince him every team is Virginia Tech.

Another note at this link: seems like Turge singled out Dez Wells. At first glance that's a bold move, but knowing Wells' personality he was never going to take that poorly. He played a bit more confidently in the second half, but those mistakes are still there.

Thanks, State: Wolfpack starting to fall apart
They've lost three in a throw, five of their last seven, and are starting to look like the old-school State we know and love. Usually I'd be delighted, but Maryland's a bubble team and they need the State win looking like an actually decent win. They'll still make the tournament, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if they were a top-25 team, too.

Now, onto the football recruiting side:

Terps CB Will Likely adjusting to College Park after leaving the Muck
Man, it's impossible to not like Likely. He's a little guy and that hurt him in the rankings, and he took that exactly how you'd want him to: he doesn't get hung up on it, but it's definitely put a chip on his shoulder. Edsall's hinted that he'll see immediate playing time; I'm excited to see him on the field.

247Sports: Maryland were Signing Day winners
Can't remember the last time that happened.

Roddy Peters supports Taivon Jacobs, remains on track in shoulder rehabilitation
Roddy's even recruiting for the football team? Fantastic.

Matt Furstenburg the only Terp invited to the Combine
No Joe Vellano? That's a bit surprising. I've always thought he'd be a late draft pick type, but no invite at all catches me off-guard. Somebody's gonna get a heck of a lineman with him.

ACC baseball TV schedule released: Maryland to face Clemson on ESPNU
May 6th at 7:00. Mark the date.

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