Maryland Minute 2.21.13: Terps' bubble status, lacrosse, and football recruiting updates

Winslow Townson

Terps bumped down in bracketology, two four-star recruits meet with Edsall, and lacrosse is racheting up in a big way.

Patrick Stevens moves Terps to Next Four Out
Which sounds about right. They're not dead in the water, but they can't have any more crazy losses like they did against BC. Margin for error is razor-thin, but the path is still available. I thought five wins was the number they needed to be in the conversation, six wins to probably be inside the bubble, and seven to punch their ticket. Each of those is still possible with the ACC Tournament, but like I said, it's not going to be comfortable.

Caleb Henderson met with Randy Edsall, seems to be firmly in play
The Ohio States and Tennessees of the world haven't offered yet, which means Maryland's fighting it out with the likes of Virginia, Illinois, and Michigan State. Given that he's been public about how he likes the Big Ten, the chance to lead the charge into it might be something that intrigues him. Once OSU or PSU or someone like that drops an offer it'll be tougher, but right now there's still a fighting chance. Apparently he met with Edsall last week, which is a good sign.

Good thing, too, because even though I'm a huge Will Crest fan, Henderson's the best local QB. Plus, with northern Virginian talent increasing, the ability to pull a QB who can bridge the DMV and NoVa gap could be a massive tool.

InsideMDSports: 4-star OL Sam Mustipher enjoys recent Maryland visit
The good news is that it sounds like he's taking it slowly. It's tough to imagine getting a GC kid with the offers he has to commit early to a program that, at least on the field, is still struggling. Maryland will make his cut, whatever the number is, and then if he holds off until after the year they can try to make a statement on the field. That'll probably be the course of action Maryland's hoping for with most guys.

Previewing Saturday's title rematch: Terps-Loyola
Not only a title rematch, but, depending on which poll you ask, a #1 vs. #1, too. Catch it at 1:30 on NBC Sports Network.

Huh: Big Ten puts up placeholder lacrosse site
Featuring women's soccer news. But still, that's, uh, intriguing.

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