Maryland Minute 2.19.13: Turgeon talks Georgetown possibilities


Plus, Seth Allen is hot and Randy Edsall picks up his first commit of the year.

In addition to regular linkage, you've got a treat: two Turgeon radio clips today.

Turgeon on Andy Katz's show: talks Georgetown rivalry, Duke game
Fast forward to around 35:00. The entire thing is worth a listen, but the headline is definitely going to be the Georgetown game. Katz asks JTIII right before Turgeon comes on the show, and JTIII plays coy, admitting that there's a chance it could happen. Turge and JTIII are apparently friends, and with the way they both talk about it, it sounds more likely than not that it will happen at some point. And I have to say it'd be a smart move by the A.D.; leaving the ACC and the Duke and UVA rivalries, it's the perfect time to reignite the Georgetown series. (As a rival, honestly, Georgetown's better than anyone in the ACC.) It sounds like, if it were up to Turgeon and Thompson, the game would be scheduled, and that's a good thing.

Oh, and listen to Seth Greenberg on why playing at Verizon with a 50-50 ticket split isn't an equitable solution.

Turgeon talks about a lot more, though, and all of it fairly interesting, so give the entire thing a whirl.

And: Turgeon on Sports Fix
Turge still seems mighty chagrined about the Duke rivalry ending, even if he tries to hide it a bit. But probably more interesting is that he clarifies his Georgetown comments to essentially "not in the immediate future, but could theoretically happen." Again, it sounds like there'd be no problem between Thompson and Turge themselves; the issue would probably be in the A.D. and getting the logistics sorted. But given that both teams are leaving their current conferences and losing their biggest rivals, if there was ever a time to do it, it's now.

Terps pick up first football commit: Jared Cohen, local OT
Always good to get the class started early. Cohen is an under-the-radar guy from McDonogh, claiming no other offers, but he checks in at 6-4 and 290, which is some serious size. He's not the type of dynamic athlete Maryland's been recruiting of late on the line, but he's a big kid, and looks every bit a corn-fed B1G type. He'll fit in well in the new league. And it's tough to turn down that Duke game atmosphere, I guess.

Seth Allen is your ACC Rookie of the Week
Deserved. Allen almost cost Maryland the game with his turnovers, but in the end he overcame and won it for them. (At least he won it for them almost as much as Alex Len did.) Hopefully he can take the point guard reins full time for the next few weeks and pick up a few more down the stretch.

Allen gets a Post feature, too
The hype is building. Deservedly, after that performance, but it'll be interesting to see if he can keep up a similar level of performance. I mentioned yesterday he can tend to come and go, like most freshmen do, but I don't know if Maryland can afford him being as inconsistent as, say, Jake Layman.

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