Maryland Minute 2.13.13: Last Duke home game?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Plus: lacrosse starts out in a winning way, Locksley gets national recognition, football recruiting starts anew, and the Big Ten won't schedule FCS opponents.

Sadly, it might be.

K: Duke won't schedule Maryland out-of-conference
Lame? A bit. But expected. This is S.O.P. for this type of situation, even in rivalry games like this one. Perhaps in several years down the line, once the conference has a new commissioner and the schools have new ADs and new coaches (at least in Duke's case, given that K isn't long for the game these days) that'll change. But if you were hoping for any ACC rivalry to be preserved, let alone the Duke one, you'll probably want to cease dreaming.

Duke game contains added intrigue for Terrapins
That note above means there's a decent chance, given the ACC's ever-growing bloat and its forced death of round robin scheduling, that this is the last time Duke visits College Park. Like, ever.

There are two theories on this. The first is the one espoused here in the Post, which is that the ACC will do Maryland no favors, and Duke visiting College Park one last time is a favor. The other is that the ACC will do whatever's best for the ACC, and Duke visiting College Park one last time is most definitely a good thing for the ACC itself, especially if Maryland is half-decent next year. (I like to think they will be, but then we kind of thought they would be this year, too.) That's a high-profile game that'll get on national television and get plenty of viewers, just for plain ol' nostalgia reasons. If it's the former, well, better make this one count.

Rivals releases first 250 for 2014
That's right, we're going football recruiting today, too. Of note: Da'Shawn Hand is at #1, of course. Jalen Tabor is at #27. Damian Prince, #31. Caleb Henderson, #65. Troy Vincent, #117. Sam Mustipher, #122. Demetrius Johnson, #125 (surprisingly high). William Crest at #205. All in all, I count eight from DC and MD, with another three from northern Virginia. Last year, there were six DC/MD kids, not counting the ECA bunch. And I like the depth in this bunch better than last year's, too.

Mike Locksley makes Rivals' top 25 recruiters
No big shock there. Honestly, given the impact he has in D.C. and the ridiculous amount of talent starting to come out of the District, he should be challenging for a top 10 spot easily. Could you imagine the damage he'd be doing at Ohio State? *shudder*

It's lacrosse season! Terps open up year with 26-3 win over Mt. St. Mary's
That's the biggest scoreline for Maryland since 1995.

Huh: Big Ten schools won't schedule FCS teams in football
So says Barry Alvarez, at least. No real opinion; the really good FCS teams aren't much worse than the really bad FBS ones that would replace them.

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