Maryland Minute 2.11.13: Terps must rebound (again) from Virginia loss

Great, great faces. - Bill Bride - Section 19

A collection of links on Maryland's most recent loss - and their inability to dwell on it, with Duke coming up on the horizon.

Bit ironic, that headline, given that they didn't rebound against Virginia.

Markus on the Virginia loss
Reading this, particularly in regards Turgeon's demeanor, perhaps the best adjective for the loss is "distressing." It most certainly was, along with frustrating and disappointing. Even if you're not significantly worried about what it portends for the future, it's impossible to be happy about Virginia saying they were at "target practice" and Turgeon admitting Maryland was lackadaisical.

The only upside I can see is that it's hopefully instilled a bit of urgency into the players, now that they're realizing the season's come down to crunch time. Even if that happened too late, the hope is that they won't make the same mistake next year.

Morning review: Crucial week ahead for Terps after Virginia loss
I'm not sold it's actually crucial. It's only crucial if you believe that Maryland still holds a real possibility of getting into the dance as an at-large, and while that's still theoretically possible, it requires one of two things: first, winning six of the back seven games, a stretch that includes home games against Duke and Carolina, plus road trips to Virginia, Boston College, and Georgia Tech. Given their conference performance to this point, that doesn't seem a realistic ask.

The other possibility is winning five (they might be able to get away with four) of the back seven, then doing some serious damage in Greensboro - not necessarily winning the tournament, but perhaps getting to the final will do. If they do that and they can pair it with a win over Duke or Carolina in the regular season - I don't think Virginia will count as a quality win, with their RPI - they'll likely be in, a bit like State snuck in last year.

Rick Snider: Maryland's postseason prospects a whole lot of nothing
Snider's harsh and absolutist here, but take away the grandiosity and you see his main point stands: the NCAA Tournament might be theoretically possible, but Maryland will need to improve their quality of play to get there. And they're not looking like a team that's improving or peaking; they're looking like a team that's getting slowly worn down by the rigors of the year.

Justin Anderson and Virginia basketball block out Maryland noise, continue ACC hot streak - The Washington Post
The entire thing's about Anderson, which probably deserves a bit more discussion. First off, like I said before, I thought the chants and booing were a bit unnecessary, and they probably didn't help out Maryland given that Anderson plays with a massive chip on his shoulder. Remember when teams chanted "USA" at Greivis Vasquez? Yeah, similar effect here.

But two things: first, credit him for being understanding about the entire thing. (He said Maryland's fans "just did what they had to do.") And second, Nick Faust's quote (the entire one isn't in this piece) is telling: "He played an amazing game. I've never seen him make so many shots ever, in my life." Point being that Anderson played out of his skin, possibly given the opponent and where the game was being played. That's just a rhetorical point, given that there's the ongoing "how much would Anderson have helped Maryland?" debate. I'm not sure he would've done too much, if at all, for the cause, given what Maryland's situation is currently; his performance over the entire year is solid but not particularly noteworthy for a true freshman, and Maryland already has plenty of solid but not particularly noteworthy true freshmen.

ACC Lineup Analysis
TerpStats breaks down the variety of lineups Maryland's used in the ACC this year, looking at their statistical effectiveness. Go read it, now.

WBB: Terps' season still full of potential
Maryland. Duke. 7:00 tonight on ESPN2. Rebecca Lobo breaks it down at ESPN.

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